Anti-Death Vaccine Breaking News Medical Discovery: Roanoke Virginia 8232012

Anti-Death Vaccine Breaking News Medical Discovery: Roanoke Virginia 8232012

Anti-Death Vaccine Breaking News Medical Discovery: Roanoke Virginia 8232012

Antibiotics Now Obsolete: Pharma Poison Meds Dark Ages Yesterday!

Antibiotics are poisons right? Vaccines are made from weakened germs right?
Roanoke Va self-learned holistic health-nutrition expert Woodrow Riley:

Tested, Proven Longevity Equations
three explained this page:
updated 10.15.2012

My Friends! Do you want to Live Forever? Yes! if you also had great health to go with long life! In August 2012 that Medical Breakthrough was made by Woodrow Riley of Roanoke Virginia. Why do people die? Death comes from cell telomeres getting shorter and shorter after each cell division over a lifetime. Okay => so that means you need a healing nutrition equation that weakens and destroys germs/viruses/bacteria/parasites better than modern antibiotics, empowers you to a level you have never been told a human being could possibly attain; and I have found that answer in the Holy Bible for all of you to use Free-of-Charge: You may recall that last year on May 11 2011 was when I was lightning struck with the way to make a zero pollution car engine design from the Bible Book of Ezekiel, and how that is one awesome engine system that only has 3 moving parts that would take hundreds of years to wear out!!! But now we have the

Medical Synergy the Holy Grail of Health = Tea Tree Oil
Raised Oxygen Kills Anaerobic Disease Organisms!
Anti-Cancer by Raising Alkalinity-O2!

The Human Organism is Oily.
Without Oils your Joints Creak like a Door.
Fibromyalgia makes your days Miserable & Hard.
I inherited Arthritis from Ireland. Viruses &
Bacteria get in Joints & Eat your Oil.

Here is what the Bible says about God in his own Prophet's words => "The LORD killeth and maketh back alive: he bringeth down to the grave and bringeth up." (from 1 Samuel 2 v 6). That is the secret answer to stopping also reversing natural cell death ~called apoptosis~ you have to push the death envelope to the cliff edge to open the live life forever gates!

Tea Tree Oil is a very healthful oil always applied externally (til now) that comes concentrated also very toxic and right poisonous at full strength. Users are warned away from ingesting it very bad bad bad, right? :) hahaha They were wrong! But for making tea tree oil into an Anti-Death Vaccine it has to be weakened down, so one day two weeks ago it was given into my mind to add together two extremely healthful oils => Olive Oil plus Coconut Oil (liquid not solid). Olive Oil contains a special protein that gives the human body an enhanced ability to self-produce Hyaluronic Acid, which is an anti-inflammatory nutrient also for super-silky hair and skin complexion... while Coconut Oil nourishes the thyroid gland giving cells their Energy. Dementia and Alzheimer's and Fibromyalgia Disappear!

Coconut Oil + Olive Oil + Tea Tree Oil

Energy + Healing + Germ Killer = Disease Destroyer!

Ratio: One to Two Drops Tea Tree Oil for 355 ml of Olive 50-50 Coconut Oil.

It was already known that Coconut Oil is a powerful antimicrobial, so

Tea Tree Oil is boosting that? It's its own BOOSTER SHOT!

That's your Live Forever Equation!

Use the Extra Light type of Virgin Olive Oil and the Coconut Oil type that is a liquid at room temperature. I used 5 drops of Tea Tree Oil but that has to be reduced according to a person's bodyweight otherwise Disclaimer it might be too strong harm. Tea Tree Oil is toxic. The Wise person will use 1 drop at first, or 2, see what the combination effects are, then add another drop as you feel works best for you after six weeks.

This is a very potent formula so there is NO NEED to take it twice a day nor even daily. I don't do that either. The molecules of Tea Tree Oil are completely dispersed through the other oils as a suspension, like how fat molecules are spread thru whole milk. And speaking of Milk I came across a great gem months ago => adding Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide two drops to a gallon of milk results in every germ in the milk weakened down into many vaccines also. And the milk lasts much longer in the refrigerator also! When you purchase the milk from the store let it go up towards half its expiration date then add 2 drops of peroxide you purchase Food Grade from healthfood stores.

What this does to milk-borne germs is kills them and makes the milk also into a vaccine against whatever germs were in the milk. ha ha! So what can you expect from these vaccines you made yourself at home? Okay. Fibromyalgia. Arthritis. Joint Stiffness. Endometriosis and connective tissue diseases. Inflammatory Pelvic Disease. Blood Vessel diet~prescription drug-caused inflammation diseases such as cholesterol buildup and artery-vein narrowing. Atherosclerosis and Arteriosclerotic Diseases. MRSA. Spinal Meningitis. Parkinson's Palsy. Alzheimer's. Dementia. Meniere's. Lyme's. PTSD and Bipolar I have had all of these and am now doing very well thanks. Sleep Apnea 12 years. Hypoxia and MS (Multiple Sclerosis. Heart Pains caused by microscopic worms called bacteria and virii the viruses stealing your heart's oxygen supply.

Plus Muscle Growth? Yep. Muscle Regrowth too!
Rebuilds Muscle Post-Surgery!

After surgery the cut muscles and body tissues need nutritional help and both Olive Oil and Coconut Oil are super sources of Conjugated Linoleic Acids that promote enhanced muscle regrowth in the damaged areas. So since Age damages us there you have the secret of long life and extended-length telomeres. With this combination of oils you kill the Bad Guys deader than dead PLUS you grow yourself stronger and leaner. In India they would call this ayurvedics but I do not practice any mantras or chants hahaha. I have a page online that tells about the Real Jesus not the one the churches have plied down your throat for hundreds of years, this link. On that page some amazing hidden facts about Christ Jesus will astound you just as this page has astounded you, because my knowledge comes from above.

Since I am a poor man on full disability since 1989 I have no valuables for anyone to sue me out of in court over these medical suggestions should you mix them too strong or dab tea tree oil in your eyes or anything else accident. I can guarantee you the above simple vaccine formulas work because I have been diagnosed to have every disease I have stated it will relieve, and more. I am not quoting from someone else's books. I have the Book of Experience to draw on and it does not tell a lie => I purposely mixed my dose stronger to make certain no one would be harmed by a less-strong dose: I used 5 drops <> you use 1, or 2, or 3 if you are 230+ pounds and over.

Dehydration kills Water-craving Cancer Cells?
Eating less calories starves Cancer Cells?
Less Oxygen strangles Malignancies?
+O2 boosts white blood cells?
All True!

Malignant Cancer Cells are killed off very easily see this picture for details plus more cancer-killing answers are listed on homepage =>! Cancer cells die faster than normal healthy cells so dehydration works, less oxygen works, a hot bath works and so on. NOW YOU'VE GOT IT! Further Cancer research is no longer needed.


Loose Strings:
MDs vs JW Riley Family
Divine Wrecking Ball Found You

Wealth of Experience vs Book Learning PhD Paychecks
Evidence that the Divine Gavel found False Physician's Temple!
Destroying a JW family now seen a very unwise decision.
Anyone who helps them now is an accomplice.

I have been very ill for decades from Lyme's Disease Borelli spirocheate bacteria that hit me in the nervous system very hard, and have also had Meniere's Syndrome and the mastoid and facial bones permeated with active bacteria. I do have more knowledge than most doctors and I know they will scream bloody murder but that is too bad. My experience trumps "Book Learning" hands over fist... as you will read in my personal testimony on the link provided above to the Real Jesus page. When Local Roanoke physicians threw my dying carcass into the ditch hoping to finiish me before I {shudder} filed a malpractice lawsuit on them the Almighty took control and began teaching me via holy spirit-inspired specifics of health ~the details I am now freely sharing with you all~ it was His Judgment to destroy their incomes for their [attempted] murder of Woodrow Riley + keeping us in poverty + trying to crush a lesser man's standing in his son's eyes. To this day my family never got a rightful apology or voluntary remunerations for having deprived my relatives and sons of their Main Provider, and Dad. The doctors thought they beat me to a pulp without lawyers helping us <> they thought wrong. Jehovah God and Jesus are the ones they took on and it is they who have taken rightfully their monies cash cows treating illnesses of Roanokers without healing them stuck in their revolving door Big Medicare Scam Money going to the hungry wallets of these Killers of Roanoke Valley residents who do not deserve Big Paychecks. Solutions to Cancer gifted me since August 2006 have taken from these craven lawyer-hiding killers the prestige they once had, today not so much as we hear them crying their tales of woe over the News Services, taken from them By Divine Decree. They should not have touched one of God's Prophets and his family. Smart educated men have always known that.


October 15 2012 <> More Information!

It is difficult to write a web page about medical stuff without spilling the beans all over Roanoke VA doctors and lawyers. They have to be called to the mat for what they did to my family because they have been getting away with it to all Roanoke families for decades. Simply put they practice 30-year old "safe medicine" here. It is a crafty ruse because they know they have all the lawyers already on retainer. The chances of filing a successful malpractice lawsuit against Virginia physicians is very close to Nil ever happening. You can check the stats on that. Last time I did it was 3% for patients vs 97% for the Doctors. They have the game all sewn up before it starts. The deck is marked for them. I have come to understand their every move over a lifetime of observation. So have you. However, this is not to be encouraging anyone to seek revenge for they will face the Almighty God soon enough. This page is to give you the life-giving information I have that the physicians do not possess to give you, and if they did they would not because they are compromised in favor of them owning nice homes and automobiles, and taking their family out to the best restaurants and amusement parks in far off places. They choose all of that over you getting healthy and remaining so. It is the way money runs this world and they play it well. Yes it is a scam. But now that they are being found out for withholding great new medical advances they fear repercussions, such as an angry mob carrying pitchforks, as well they should. So now we see that many of them are quitting their practice lyingly claiming it's President Obama's fault. Nope, they just fear pitchforks in the rear and oh yeah, long prison sentences. They know that back in the 1970's they fought off the chiropractors from opening clinics here in Roanoke. They know that after they lost the battle to stop chiropractors they took up arms against holistic doctors. They know what they did and their sins are many against generations of Roanokers. I despise having to spend so much time detailing what these ones have done so let's go on shall we? I have great things to tell you today.

#1. Did you try the Three Oils Yet?

hahaha It isn't as easy as it sounds is it? Psst, mix these 3 oils and take a sip of Love Potion #9 trust me! hahaha It won't turn ya into Frankenstein's monster. In case you missed it my name is Woodrow Riley. It might horrify you to know I am one of Jehovah's Witnesses but what you really need to know is that Rileys in America have long been great inventors and doctors. I was not able to go on to college I was extremely ill. Thanks to these do-nothings I stayed ill all my life, and muscularly weak. Many White Caucasians have an inherited muscle-wasting disease to one degree or another but I had it right bad. It has to do with testosterone not being "free" it is "locked" and unavailable for building (rebuilding) muscle. The "tonic" above has reversed that albeit at 60 years of age.

Some 4-5 years ago now a little boy was found who was exceptionally strong so they did the research and discovered he has a "Superman gene" that I could stand some of myself, but right soon after they announced it they stated there would be years of testing on animals and after that they would only give some to the people who need it most... which of course totally blew me out of the water ever getting it. And the rest of you poor sick folks, you too. Patients all over the nation would get it before Roanokers.

I went to a dentist once. He failed to give me any germ rinse before puncturing the insides of my cheek with his needles. A few visits later I asked him for it. He pretended like he had forgotten. After giving it to me later on that day I felt absolutely fantastic! Apparently it was some kind of super nutrition rinse also and it spiked my health very high. I had observed that this dentist had very glowing healthy skin and cheeks and so did all his office staff and assistants. What they were doing was shorting me the patient so they could take it, while charging the dental patient hundreds of dollars for their freebie health. Did it again didn't I? Whew. This town is over-run with professional scam artists defrauding Roanokers.

So. You lacked the nerve to try the 3 oils right? hahaha

Well, I left out part of the explanation why it worked because I wanted to give you the opportunity to reach down deep and find FAITH because if you can do that you can also use my other "tricks" of stopping cancers. Faith summons up a force inside of you that you have forgotten how to obtain. You have become so faithless and brainwashed you have to see plaques from "approved" medical schools hanging all over a man's walls to do what he advises you to do. They have stolen your backbone. It was my desire to return your backbone to you.

Here is what I left out. The Tea Tree Oil is a very powerful healing agent + germ killer. Adding it to the Coconut Oil increases what the coconut oil is and has => it is well known that coconut oil is an Anti-Microbial. Tea Tree Oil multiplies that. Both the coconut oil and the olive oil contain "Conjugated Linoleic Acid" that encourages muscle growth, so the Tea Tree Oil also magnifies that too. Now that I have given you the missing piece of the puzzle you should be able to do it. It only takes a tiny amount anyway. I am still using it two months later. It still works. A few drops in the jar filled with the other two oils is barely "doped" above 0.0025% anyway; Did your doctor scare you?

That's What American Doctors Do. I hear them too.
American Physicians on the Radio siren~ing
you to remain a swaddling clothes
infant forever.


A Matter

of Vital Importance

Roanoke the Railroad Town:

Sitting on the Railroad Tracks of Life & Death

What I have to share with you now is not medical but it does involve your life. Who of us wants to find ourself caught on a railroad track with a train coming at us? Trapped in our car facing certain death, perhaps we had fallen asleep. I actually had that happen to my Uncle Francis Beggs in West Virginia. He was a bad alcoholic, a veteran of WWII or Korea. So one night he got so drunk he drove down a steep bank and landed on the tracks. Fortunately they got to him in time. He didn't even recall driving down the bank!

Well, I have some news you need to know that you are right now sitting on some railroad tracks also. As you probably already know Charles Russell and some other Christian-believing men started the Bible Students organization back in the mid-1870's. A bit before that though other men of other Faiths, such as the Seventh-Day Adventists, had also seen a time period in the Bible based on what Jesus had said, recorded at Luke 21 v 24. Cutting to the chase C. T. Russell and the others decided to pursue that verse plus they saw other verses in the book of Daniel and Revelation pointing to a time period that would last 2520 years, ending in 1914.

This is just history you likely already know catching you up to speed for what I must share with you. From the time they began publishing this information ~called the "Gentile Times" or the "times of the nations"~ til 1914 was 37 years. The prophecy Jesus had given about Jerusalem being trampled was to happen 37 years afterward when Jerusalem was overrun and destroyed by Roman armies at about 68-70 C.E. (A.D.). Well, how many of these train cars #37 are there anyway? From 1914 til I was born in 1951 was 37 years.

My big life-disabling accident in 1989 happened 37 years after I was born so we start to see a pattern in time that is not exactly run-of-the-mill here. If you know much about our religion at all you know we believe Adam was created in 4026 B.C.E. (B.C.) so that 6000 years of human history arrived in 1975. Well, from 1975 up to 2012 is also 37 years. What we are looking at is a railroad train => a TIME TRAIN of five 37 year periods each one linked to the next and the next.

I'm not telling you these things to proselytize you into being a convert because becoming a Bible believer is a lot more to it than knowing dates. On the other hand, I figure you would want to know the "train" is in fact coming toward you a lot faster and verifiably sooner than you may have counted on and would like to know. Just like those two college girls a few months ago who got caught on the train trestle and died. Unlike Roanoke's doctors and dentists I refuse to withhold important information from my fellow suffering neighbors.

Bible Prophecy is right on schedule.