Countdown: Stargate~Stardate 2369 began counting down on 9/18/2011

a Countdown is in progress that came to my attention on September 18 2011
the picture below explains this 69-day countdown to Nov. 26 2011 aka 11/26/11:

Find a Kingdom Hall of Jehovah's Witnesses soon => learn the Bible promise of FREE ENERGY FREE FUEL FOR ALL your inheritence for true believers. See also FRIENDS Time is Short please, hurry.

The web stats picture for September 18:

India~Nepal~Tibet Quake report of Sunday evening 9/18/2011:

NASA and the space agencies of many governments have had countdowns. Now Jehovah has one too: 11.26.11

homepage: or: Sun-Roasted Marshmallow Humanity 2011~2012

For those keeping count that was 3 number 69's above; a 4th came 10 days later.

The following day (September 29) was just 111+77 nails in the casket:

Exposing Satan using the above calculations show 666 = Jehovah's Witnesses are Right:

Math the Universal Language? Yep, and your proof that God's Word+Christianity did replace Judaism:

Revelation writings WERE INSPIRED to the Apostle John! Math Proof above a very tasty pudding!

Rev. 13 v 18 => "Here is where wisdom comes in: Let the one that has intelligence calculate the number
(calculate the number!!!) of the wild beast, for it is a man’s number; & its number is six hundred and sixty-six."

God gives His special information to the people He officially chose in 1914-1918 (JW) everyone else is outside the door.

Jesus is on the way.

Today is February 11 2012, the "69-day countdown" left us in the dust?
Nope. It went under the wire just as it was supposed to do.
It was not the only countdown in progress:

Jesus at Matthew 24 said watch for lots of earthquakes but, what if they were rattlesnakes but only the one of Mineral Va would have poison venom of interest for all Christians?  That ''poison snake'' happened on August 23 2011: the earthquake at Mineral Virginia/Va.

The northern hemisphere enjoying an extra-long denial of winter temperatures was done for a reason... the synchronization of Jesus' prophecy.

Armageddon is still on the plate and not on the back burner; it's right up front for all to watch as it boils over.

The "69-Day Countdown" turns out was nested inside a Larger 9 Month Countdown: August 23 to April 23:

2012 does not belong to the Mayans or Nostradamus Jesus has put his name all over it. The '69-Day Countdown' turns out it was nested inside a Larger 9-Month Countdown that expires as of April 23 2012 => when the Jewish month for General Harvest Time begins = on Iyar 1. April 19 2012 4-day warning. Jericho falls soon.

Many Sci-Fi movies have served Double Duty as a Prophecy Outlet; He-Man: Masters of the Universe, Come Forth!!!
Satan used Hollywood as his choice of dispensing satanic truths since 1914's Gentile Times expired
he wanted all Mankind to follow, AND OBEY HIS WORD.

Many Sci-Fi movies have served Double Duty as a Prophecy Outlet; He-Man: Masters of the Universe, Come Forth!!!! Satan used Hollywood as his choice of dispensing satanic truths since 1914's Gentile Times expired he wanted all Mankind to follow, AND OBEY HIS WORD.

The two countdowns above were inside a 3rd Countdown a Triple Countdown of 37 Years:

37-Year Triple Countdown Gif: Hourglass sand runs out in 2012: 30-day End Times countdown-in-progress. THERE IS A 4TH 37-YEAR PERIOD I LEFT OUT OF THIS PICTURE, the 37 years old that I was when my 1989 accident put me forever off the work rolls disabled... Click Here to visit the page about HOW JESUS REALLY DIED.

37-Year Triple Countdown: the 1st was the period following when the "Gentile Times" were identified to be 1914. It is due to run out of hourglass sand in 2012. The next countdown was from September 18 2011 until November 26 2011, which fell on my birthday and therefore had my FULL ATTENTION. The 2nd CT-down was wrapped around the Sept.~November Countdown (#1 to come to my attention) lasting from August 23 2011 until April 23 2012. We are already living in "the Parousia~Presence of the Lord" of Matthew Ch. 24, so today April 24 begins Day 1 of Jewish calendar Iyar = right now a 30-day End Times countdown-in-progress. The "Language of Math" Jehovah has had Jesus use to convey these irrefutable matters to you are undeniable. That being said, the Almighty God does whatever He decides is best, so in the event Armageddon fails to begin by May 22 2012 (end of Iyar) poses no theological disappointment whatsoever. If the delay continues we can know it is by Divine Will and Intellect, and will continue watching for further announcements as they come. And by all means everybody keep on preaching and telling everyone *** THE END IS NEAR *** because it very certainly can now be Known it truly is. <> Bible promises about to reach completion is no longer a matter open to dispute <> Bible promises about to reach completion is no longer a matter open to dispute <> Bible promises about to reach completion is no longer a matter open to dispute <> Bible promises about to reach completion is no longer a matter open to dispute.

CALIFORNIA BLOG? <> 6.12.2012!

An unexpected Event Horizon was crossed this past week when I fully revealed how my Bible Engine was drawn from the Bible Book of Ezekiel. Complete How-To details to the U.S. Public conscious on 6.07.2012 resulted in my being banned from the website. I had been posting there & faithfully supplying new content for other readers since 7+ years ago. So what did I do to get banned? They did not say, but I have a good idea => my Bible-based posts had been a constant source to them for great laughter, mirth and so on. No doubt some of our greatest comedians of our time were alluding to some of my posts without my knowledge. I was for them their daily Court Jester quoting the Bible like a Puppet of the Brainwashed.

Until I explained exactly how the "Ezekiel Engine" had been described by the Bible Prophet Ezekiel 2600 YEARS AGO. It was then the mockers and raucous laughterers all fell silent. They suddenly had their eyes opened wider by a Christian than Vin Diesel in the movie Pitch Black. NOW they had to know the Bible is indeed the INSPIRED WORD OF GOD. and that reality threw them into a mind explosion that demanded I be gone from their presence.

They sent me packing faster than Pharaoh ordered the Israelites
and their hated prophet Moses to leave Egypt.

Most of you know the story of Moses, how he was expected so they tried to kill him by killing all young slave boys his age, and how it did not work. So Moses was educated in the finest schools and learned all the Science of the Egyptians. No doubt Moses made many scientific contributions too, but then one day he found out he was Hebrew. Events directed by God worked things around to where Moses too was tossed out, banned, taking his understanding of Physics Laws and engineering expertise to benefit God's People in the New System where they were being led, hmm, as we find ourselves right now!

So now, this is where we are in the stream of time. My knowledge led to proving scriptures are real, so like the new wine Jesus said would explode old wineskins another similar explosion and resulting banning has taken place as we all float down the river of time flowing towards where Jehovah wants us to all land. But, unlike the way they erased Moses and all his accomplishments we today have the Internet, plus computers for taking pictures of our intellectuual property posts before the unbelievers have time to erase them we take snapshots =>

Ezekiel Engine Details #1 ''wheel inside the other wheel'' #2 wheels went ''on their sides'' equals SIDEWAYS Up Down #3 the WHEELS DID NOT ROLL. Look at a can, jar or glass FROM THE END PLEASE what do you see if not a ROUND WHEEL? Ha! Ha! Exactly! Ezekiel by inspiration gave us a two-fuel Steam Engine Design, 2600 years ago the engine MANKIND NEEDS NOW to replace Nuclear Power + all combustion fuels used in power plants and CAR~SUV~RV~PICKUPTRUCK ENGINES!

Armageddon soon and Deliverance soon!
Join Us!

Recapping those tires on Ezekiel's chariot: Here is what Ezekiel wrote at Chapter 1 verse 16 & 17 => "As for the appearance of the wheels and their structure, it was like the glow of chrysolite; and the four of them had one likeness. And their appearance and their structure were just as when a wheel proved to be in the midst of a wheel. When they went they would go on their four respective sides. They would not turn another way when they went." [p.s. "another way" would mean "either way" also!]

Notice please:
Ezekiel's Three Main Points.

1. One wheel was inside the other wheel.

2. The wheels went "on their sides".

3. The Wheels did not turn.

Replaces Nuclear Power!
and car engines!

When working on a bicycle it will usually be laid on its side. Wheels on their side do not roll. The God of the Bible gave us all the clues needed to make a fantastic engine... that has very few moving parts to wear out. It is an engine designed to last hundreds of years. Notice also what Ezekiel DID NOT WRITE => he did not write the wheels were the same size. So one day last year in early May 2011 it was suddenly "given me to know" that these basically flat wheels were actually cylinders. When you look at a drinking glass, a jar or a can from the end all we see is a circle => a WHEEL!!!

In an instant of time, call it a "vision" even if you want, but in my mind it was all fallen together. I did not sweat beads of perspiration for months and years to make it. I did not go to college for it. I have no engineering degrees to justify me being the inventor of it. It was given to me, placed into my mind by our Holy God and Creator to give to humanity. Well, at least I offered it around as best I could. The outer wheel would have a gas spray, gasoline, methane, natural gas, any gaseous volatile liquid desired and ignited, but unlike today's engines the explosion pressure was not the engine => the Extreme Heat would superheat the inner wheel contents (spray of water) making a Super-Powerful Steam Engine.

This magnificent engine can be made large and small for powering every home on this planet with electric current. It can be placed on a cammed drive shaft more than one which is called being "stacked" til it fills a factory floor. using extremely tiny amounts of combustion fuel, very near to being fuelless, because the Steam Engines are doing the force-driving to turn electrical generators... which is called being the "Prime Mover". The majority of car engines today are 4-cylinder straight engines, 4 in a line. The two inside cylinders can be converted to h2o steamers-only, leaving the two end cylinders as they are, keeping the steam cylinders surrounded with intense heat. Such engines would be easily capable of getting 150-250+ miles-per-gallon-petrol because the end cylinders would have a secondary role, their fuel lines being turned down to a lower fuel flow.

In addition to all that, we have known for several years that fuel can be made from fermented algae and plant oils, so the idea that we are strapped to using Crude Oil is a defeated fallacy of longstanding. The Ezekiel Engine as well as my other engines designed since 2003 actually, require very little lubrication oil. My engines run at a very low operating temperature approaching room temperature, therefore the engine oil "viscosity" does not break down over extremely long periods of time. Engine oil lasts like that just like the engine parts themselves FOR HUNDREDS OF YEARS. Since the "fuel" is mostly water, as turned into Steam, after the Steam has exhausted its energy component into the piston heads to drive your RV, SUV, and tractor-trailer rigs it condenses back into water that is brought back around and used again, PROVIDING TO US AN INDEFINITELY-LASTING FUEL SOURCE.

God has chosen Jehovah's Witnesses to be His Special People His Property for Special Possession AND NO OTHERS by giving the Ezekiel Engine design to a JW named Woodrow Riley of Roanoke Va (Virginia). We now KNOW all other religions ON EARTH are false paths to reach God Almighty's Grand Temple in Heaven. Christendom's ''mainstream churches'' are just a gulag of nothing to HIM see Revelation 17 & 18 Read it Yoself.

March 10, 2003, the Date it all began falling together => homepage click here and join the hayride headed for the earthly Paradise about to be restored: the inheritance our first parents LOST can be yours. Jesus takes the place of Adam!!! My wife Barbara and our three sons all helped me stand up to do this work, all eight souls.