Specifics of Our Day,
aka End of the Alley Sept.-October 2011~2012:

Every 11 years the Sun goes into an excessive solar flare activity. The last time this happened was around 2000-2001 and resulted in the increased world heat of 2005. However, 2010 was likewise HOT. In short the "ball" took an unexpected second bounce. This out-of-order 2nd bounce is what caused so much extra polar ice melt but it also did something else that I had never heard of.

There are two very bad "greenhouse gases" that cause Earth temperatures to rise. EVAPORATED AIR-H2O entering the air comes off the oceans and it's pretty much the Major one. However, this 2nd bounce was enough to begin warming two natural reservoirs of METHANE. Methane turns out has been trapped and in storage in all the frozen tundra and peat bogs of the world, especially in Iceland, New Zealand and Siberian permafrosts (as they're called).

The 2nd period of temperature spiking in 2010 was enough to begin melting all the permafrost material and much Methane began to be released. Methane is many times worse than Carbon Dioxide from burning fuels (power plants, vehicle exhausts) as I recall Methane is 13 times worse than CO2 as a greenhouse gas, which is also 1300%. But Methane doesn't last as long; it breaks down, so it's effect does not last permanent as the extra airborne moisture.

Unfortunately the oceans have also warmed enough to warm massive amounts of Methane to be released also from ocean floors, so even though it doesn't last as long it is a new source of steady additional bad stuff. So here we are about to enter, in fact already entering at an UNEXPECTED EARLIER DATE, the next Solar Cycle of 2012 ahead of time. This is becoming a very large pile of bad.

Something else has happened also unprecedented to human experience, not to say it hasn't happened before but this is not good. These past several days something quite new has happened that no crystal ball scientists foresaw ever happening so they're about to start sweating blood like the commander in The Third Element, that's just how bad this can be => a major solar flare sent an explosion of energy somewhat in Earth's direction. At first they thought Ho-Hum, another flare, but turned out there were actually THREE EXPLOSIONS IN OUR DIRECTION, IN SEQUENCE. Which isn't the "End of the World" except the 2nd wave of energy came out of the Sun traveling Faster than the First one... so it is possible it will catch the first energy, and should they both reach Earth about the time they decide to COMBINE it would be the end, for real, is my OPINION. You know yourself the scientific community would never tell us if it was to happen that way, or even look like it was going to happen.

We appear to have reached the point

where remaining alive truly depends on Jesus now.

It is so incredibly BAD we may also lose computer connections.

All of them. No texting no nothing.

Is it REALLY this dire? Yes it is, because the 2012 Solar Cycle wasn't even supposed to have started now. This is just the popgun, the worst is yet to happen. Even Dr. Michio Kaku is sweating now. He's at Ground Zero and knows all the facts. There are some additional things happening. The Moon appears to have drastically changed its position towards us, tilted by 25-40 degrees, also quite unprecedented. The entire Earth~Moon Equation has changed. You will recall the Chile earthquake moved the Earth 3 inches? Centimeters? It was enough to change the length of Earth's day.

But for us this is all Good News because the worldwide association of brothers and sisters will begin encountering many more people wanting to know why we remain so confident and happy. So all the sheep going door-to-door will enjoy increased successes in the Field Ministry since everything Jesus and other Bible writers/prophets said would happen is happening. As our many various opportunities to ministries begins to ENJOY WIDESPREAD ACCEPTANCE it will become ever-more-obvious TO EVERY PERSON ON EARTH (AND IN POLITICS) that all the other
so-called "mainstream religions" are FILLED WITH TURKEY STUFFING THEOLOGIES.

This is our team's time to reach the
game ball on the other side of the goal line,
the JW team to => walk easily across home plate.
People will increasingly approach asking 4 Bible help.
We don't have to heft the heavy barbells any longer; they will.
Jehovah's People our time to shine as winners
carrying His ark by Divine Decree:


Jehovah God, just as real as we are, and more:

* * * * *

Jesus is on the way, the Hand of God to cut out the Wicked
and restore Planet Earth even Sea Urchins;
below pic click for Rev. 21 video!

Bible video, very professional, presenting Revelation 21 vss 1-5 Jesus enthroned in 1914 depicted, battle with Satan, THEY LOSE, come down to Earth. Very educational actually! A change is coming to Mankind, a New Future from Jehovah and Jesus his son!