There's a world of stuff your abortion clinic doctor does not have to tell you
and even if he/she did, you're all upset, under pressure to make a decision.
Usually you have a friend with you who already had an abortion & she's
trying to be "helpful". Maybe. Or maybe she wants you to go ahead with it
real bad because when you do it it reaffirms that her decision to do it was
"right" too. I've done my level best to figure out the rights & wrongs that
comes from abortion. {Roe v. Wade Page for additional thoughts.}
Hi. This page has a listing of my posts concerning Life vs Abortion.
So far I've barely found few right aspects about the procedure.
And that's a GOOD thing for you because you want someone
else's point of view right ?  Well, that's what I have for you.
The proverbial "opposing viewpoints" that you deserve to hear
because right now few other people will tell you these conclusions.
A human embryo is not the same as a muscle or skin cell. Those cells live a limited time, die and are then replaced by new cells like themselves. Humans do not do that. This means a MAJOR difference that should not be ignored. It means something to be that different, and should receive honor for what it is, not dishonored and aborted.
"Life" is not hard to define. It begins the moment it can be taken. Please consider the words on this page before having an abortion.
Look around at the people in your life. Which would you choose to abort?!  When an abortion is done, it takes something away from all of us. And it's up to all of us to pass new laws to help expectant woman through a tough time of their life. Pregnancy? Yep. It's a wonderful time but it is also the equivalent of a car wreck.
Aborting a fetus, even if it is just a tiny speck, is a crime. Just because many doctors & lawyers are willing to kill your baby for $400.00 doesn't mean they are right to do so.  Please consider the picture explanations on this page carefully. Perhaps even prayerfully. Maybe someone would love your baby for you if you can't {adoption}.
New engines about to be built will make Life better for new Moms. Lightens the economic burden.
We can't assign value to a fetus because we can't even define our own value. What does a human being do when a baby falls? Step on it {abortion} or pick it up and care for it? Many people who keep babies that have deformities have found greatness. And many children who inherit genetic disorders and weaknesses go on to do great things. All that stops when an abortion doctor enters the room.
Each new human has a right to learn about God. Abortion takes that away. When a baby is conceived -even if defective -and God knows they all are- that baby has a right to be imperfect, to love imperfect, to contribute, to love others, maybe even more than itself. Try leaving playing God to God. We do our job, God does His. He is there now, for you. Soon Mankind will be brought back into God's righteous family. I hope you're there when that happens, and your babies. Revelation 21:1-4 is a good place to start.


The Future is coming for you & your baby

Tomorrow beats the heck out of yesterday's plantations.

What you see now is temporary.


I don't have all the answers but you do. They are in your life & in your heart. No one can put them there for you or find them for you. It's all your call. I hope you explore other answers. Many of us -including me- are here today right now because our Mom assigned us value.

Many of the words on this page you won't hear in an abortion clinic. But, you do need to hear them. When a new Mom-to-be makes the decision to have an abortion, at that point she has made a decision to kill. At that same moment, the fetus actually has more "rights" to declare it's right to live than the "mother" possesses rights to kill it. Murderers don't have the rights of a fetus. Click here to go to Roe v. Wade Page on newpath4.
My first page about abortion > 11/13/2004
This page contain "arguments" from 2005. 
Abortion is a Crime? Yep > Murder, Gender, Race, Religion, Discrimination, Education 2 + 2 sky is blue, and everything else.  The Rights we have are the same the fetus has. Recall the thrill of your first breath? Remember the day you found out someone cared enough about you to give you your name?

Deciding to abort a human baby fetus should never be an easy decision. Some pictures here contain "moral" arguments against it. However, there are also legal aspects. In case no one else will tell you, I will and they're included on this page.

Abortion clinics say your choices are Clear, well-defined. No it is not; it's a minefield of undefined variables. YOU must define them. No doctor alive can define the value of your baby. Only God can do that.




















































 Sometimes we hear a word all of our life > Life. My life without a working thyroid and then becoming bipolar has been quite a ride filled with many accidents & body damages. But I pressed on, found God, learned the Bible and Bible lessons aplenty. Then I was blessed to have children, blessed to invent new engines that don't use gasoline or any fossil fuels. Abortion would have stopped the clock & I just don't think we should do that. God bless you for doing the best you can.



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 Revelation 21:1-4 "the tent of God is with" Mankind & Womankind

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Wow. The Watchtower Armageddon Doomsayers have a nice website! 
"One" Armageddon doesn't look so bad now that I have identified 4 manmade armageddons-in-progress.
At least the Bible Armageddon has survivors => Revelation 7:9, 13-17

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