From: "w.riley"
To:       Ford Motor Credit Corporation
Subject: how2liveanyway6 OR how corporations commit treason against Americans (2nd half)
Date: Thursday, January 22, 2004 11:02 AM

           I just got a call (Just a minute)

Attn: BEFORE READING THIS PAGE, understand that this is NOT in any way an indictment against any workers on the assembly lines of Detroit, MI,  who I hope, one day, may be building a steam-nitrogen non-polluting engine. Mine. When that day comes, those workers will be building something they can really be proud of...


from Ford Motor Credit who says the fact that I bought a lemon thru one of their dealers wasn't, isn't their fault. They say they have filed a legal judgement against me. I told him the engine quit working a few months after I purchased it, that it was indeed a lemon, that the dealership in Lynchburg Virginia (Lynchburg VA) had worked a fraud against me when they sold me a Daewoo automobile knowing full well the Daewoo company was going bankrupt. The fact that the Lithium med was poisoning me and I was sweating profusely that day when I decided to purchase the car well, let the buyer beware eh? Except I was not beware; I was sick and trembling. Gouty crystals filled my bloodstream that day, and I had no judgement. Am I really bipolar, or am I just so sick in other ways that I behave as bipolar? Difficult to know the answer, but fact is the Daewoo was a lemon and the Daewoo company was a lemon, so i guess we could say that the

day the lemon bought a lemon from a lemon car dealership in Lemon oops Lynchburg VA well, that's just too bad eh? Yep, that's about it. Last week a Ford Motor Credit person called me and when I said I was sick he called me a damn liar. Twice, or was it thrice? At which point I hanged up the phone. I know my voice is the deep voice of a grown man; it is deep throat and sounds like deep throat, so I guess it sounds like to them over the phone like a healthy deep throat! I cannot help how my voice sounds. I take lots of supplements these past 13 years trying to heal myself since all the doctors I've gone to have decided not to help me much. I've had some successes too, like I have not had any more episodes like the 3 I had in 2000 where my heart kept trying to beat in reverse order! It was trying to send blood FROM MY LUNGS back the other way y'all, back INTO MY LUNGS. It is -again I say- a very exhilarating experience when that happens let me tell you. But according to Ford Motor Credit I'm a damn liar. The next time I need a car, I may just build one from a scrapyard wreck.

Hey!, you all want to know why America is rolling down the hill? America is rolling down a hill because we don't trust each other, won't pull over and give a neighbor a ride when their car breaks down and they are threatened with loss of job if they're late for work. And good ol' Ford Motor Credit well I guess they're going to call all of us liars in the end as they seek to squeeze blood from rocks. So this guy calls me this morning from FORD MOTOR CREDIT and says they can come take my belongings. Is that so? And he being a representative of FORD MOTOR CREDIT says they can come take my possessions. Is that so? Well, I can have me a can of gas at the door that says they cannot. Anyone stepping inside my front door without my permission can be shot, except of course since I'm bipolar I don't buy guns anyway. But I am allowed to have gas for my car eh? Ford Motor Credit came and picked up my car when the engine quit, and I couldn't fix it. I called them to see if we could work something out. No, they couldn't do that. Want to know what they did? Sure you do if you've read this far, you must want to know SOMETHING. Well, they auctioned the car off for about $423.00 . Now I ask you, why exactly couldn't they sell me the car for $423.00 and charge the rest off as a tax loss just like they did, in fact, do anyway? What's wrong with America? Is there no sense of right & wrong left in the land of our forefathers who came here to escape injustice? It has been interesting living as a sick guy. Right down to my last breath I suppose many will continue to blaspheme me, curse me, call me a LIAR. Ford Motor Credit is not the first in this line! My wife called me a liar when arthritis wracked me daily inside with the most excrutiating torture any human being should suffer... I was 28 years of age. When I was 30 a summer breeze would send pain thru me even tho it was 88 degrees F, because of wind chill. My religion disowned me, said I didn't have enough FAITH, so by their pen I too was a liar then. I'm 52 now, and apparently this entire World has decided I am the biggest liar to ever walk the face of this Earth. That's okay. GOD, -my GOD not there'n- is allowing me to drink this cup as testimony to me of how mistreated His Son was amongst men. I know Jesus lived, he suffered, and he fell by men, and the path I must walk is the same path he walked before me. There's an old Chinese curse (proverb) that goes something like this: "May you have an interesting life." hehehehe It's going to be even more interesting when somebody comes in here and appropriates the intellectual properties in my computer. I promise that, and I don't go back on my promises. If

Ford Motor Credit can prove to me that what I bought from their cancer er dealer in Lynchburg VA was a real car and not a lemon, then I would be liable to pay for that car IN FULL. However, since #1 they gave it away at AUCTION for $423.00 then I would have to say they knew full well it was a piece of crap. Yep, they knew what that Daewoo was then, and probably is even now. LEMON LEMON LEMON. Did I stutter? Nope. It was a rolling piece of crap that was built & marketed onto the highways of America by a piece of crap car company that was so piece of crap that the entire Daewoo Company (Daewoo Co.) declared bankruptcy. Is it legal to file a $5,000.00 judgement against me for a vehicle Ford Motor Credit has fully agreed was a piece of crap? hehehe I don't think so. So, what fine legal argument did they give me this
day Jan. 22, 2004 ?? Well, the caller spoke in a low voice so to throw me off my guard... and it was hard to hear him, but for a moment I thought I heard him ask me "Mr. Riley, Do you think you're above the Law?!" To which I replied NO.  In fact, I'm COUNTING ON THE LAW. The Law concerning selling lemon cars to sick people, the Law concerning selling a car to a disabled guy with poor judgement. In fact, and point of fact, this Ford Motor Credit that thinks it has the Law on their side is in error. I'm not above the Law. It's just that if I felt like hiring a lawyer I could prosecute them to give me back every penny they took from me as down payment (a sum of $500.00) AND every payment I made. Obviously the only thing that has held me back has been my state of ill health!  So friends, my Life continues to be very interesting.
When the state comes and seizes my intellectual properties of all the new inventions I have COPYRIGHTED LEGALLY, I promise you that the U KNOW WHAT is going to hit the damn fan. I'm just getting a little sick of this twisted Society here in America. It is not I who is above the Law;  you know, I know, everybody knows; it is the corporations like Ford Motor Credit that swings the head chopper er Law like it owns the house. But for arguments sake, let's get brutal. Mr. Riley. (You absolutely MUST say it like Mr. Anderson in "The Matrix"). Mr. RI-ley, did you do something wrong? To which I will reply: Yessir, I did. I went onto a car lot that had the name of FORD on it, only later to be told they were not "really Ford". So yessir, I was in error. I trusted my opponent, an extremely wrong tactical errah er error. I was really sick, poisoned actually. I was suffering from Lithium-induced Parkinson's and Lithium-induced Alzheimer's, and Lithium-induced loss of any judgement. But Sir, I realize that my buying the car was my responsibility whether I was sick or ill, it was! But I would ask Your Honor, Your Judgeship, to look at what happened afterwards. The engine dropped the ball at 60,000 miles; Ford Credit gave the car away, knowing that the Laws of this United States of America would back them against one of its citizens. So Your Honor, Sir, I accuse Ford Motor Credit Corporation of Treason against the People of the United States of America. They are using the Law to try and hide the fact they sold me a lemon. They are the ones who are thinking they are above the Law. And they are. They are above it because THEY OWN IT. They have the lawyers, they have the Money, they have the Power and the Might forever and Ever oops sorry. (Gee, I must really be bipolar to right er write that.)
They told me today that they are planning to launch an attack against me, and undoubtedly either today, tomorrow, or maybe by Monday people with badges that say the "United States of America" are going to treat me like Rodney King. I do not look forward to that, but I will be ready. I will join my brothers Rodney King, Martin Luther King, and that poor heavy fat man they beat to death I guess. It is not going to be a pretty site. Unlike my black brothers, I won't have any friends standing around with a video camera to tape the atrocities being committed against me. As always it will be the "bad" whitey resisting arrest. No one will save me from the beating I see coming, wielded by the Law but being orchestrated by Ford Motor Credit even right now; as I write this, I know it is happening. The legal wheels preparing to grind me into Mother Earth eh? I also know it is in their interest to finish me off so I will not be able to write the ending of my website. Sometimes others just have to finish the work. But I know one thing is for sure: Henry Ford would never have treated me like whitey trash. Henry Ford would never have given my car away and then tried to bill me for the balance. So to finish I have only one thing to say to the Ford Motor Corporation: SHAME. SHAME. SHAME. How many widows and orphans have you treated similarly? How many? 5,000,000 ? 20,000,000 ? Come on, this is Court now right now right here. Answer me if you dare! How many other Americans have you done this way? SHAME FORD MOTOR CREDIT. By this webpage I publicly charge you with treason to the American Public, who in body is the United States of America, whose laws you have successfully turned against them all to gore them. We will bury you with a class action lawsuit soon. Very soon. Ford Motor Credit has tackled the Wrong American this time. I know who you are; I know what you are. And you and many other car companies have gotten away with this for a lot longer time than ever should have transpired. So go ahead,
you fools. Put a judgement on my credit record, have me hauled to jail. Go ahead. I triple dog dare ya. By my pen oops er keyboard, this 22nd day of January of 2004. Come on... let's rock. I'll show you what it feels like to be hit by a 1,000 lb. bale. You're not going to like it. Sometimes hehehe the old saying is true: Schick happens. Woodrow Riley, Internet Scrapper. You can take that to the bank. Signed, Woodrow Riley,
seeking a new path because the old ones STINK.
When we finish the class action, we will start a 2nd action charging you down to your last pennies for the pollutions wringer - washer you have put upon the American Public, the cancers, the lead pollutions in the air we have breathed (directly causing an oxygen-depleted state in the human body) from your Ford products. In my web pages I have already shown that Henry Ford and others looked at the steam engine for locomotion but discarded it so they could MAKE MONEY.

Maybe now we take OUR money BACK eh? Yes, every American now breathing your pollution from your products should own a piece of Ford Motor Company stock. Go ahead, fools. Pass this page past your lawyers. I know you have a ROOM FULL and probably a picnic full in your backyard. Their advice will be the same as mine now; stand down and back away quietly, You might get a lesser jail term for your treasonous acts against the people of the United States of America.

One final thought to you Sirs: You have now had 2 different law firms contact me, and then you've had 2 different harassers call me plus call me names and question my truthfulness over MY PHONE. The 3rd one to call this morning was pretty tricky. He talked in a real low voice so I could barely hear him. This is 5 contacts so far, and I have told them ALL THE SAME THING. The car sold me was a lemon, and you sold it for a lemon's pittance. By selling that car at $423.xx (+/-) you have made PUBLIC DECLARATION (admission) THAT THE CAR WAS A PIECE OF CRAP WHEN YOU (EXCUSE ME, LYNCHBURG FORD) SOLD IT TO ME, IN FULL KNOWLEDGE THE CAR's MANUFACTURER -DAEWOO- WAS IN BANKRUPTCY COURT THE SAME DAY I WAS PURCHASING THE LEMON ER CAR.
Again, you would be advised to stand down and lose yourself behind the laws that have been protecting you for so long. Or not. Keep harassing me; just go ahead. I'm used to having an interesting life. You'll be out of business soon unless you start looking at the non-polluting engine I have. BTW, I have also written to Governor Schwarzenegger about my idea for him to set up NEW DETROIT IN CALIFORNIA AND LOSE YOU GUYS FOREVER. WITH THIS WEBPAGE I MAKE SAME SUGGESTION TO ALL CALIFORNIANS NOW:  KEEP YOUR MONEY IN YOUR STATE. SET UP YOUR OWN CAR COMPANY. You really should study your opponent better. Shame. Double Shame. You've made the same mistake I made. Perhaps you need to SEE A DOCTOR. <same> pushing solutions, not revolution.

U.S. Constitution
Article III
Section 3. Treason against the United States, shall consist only in levying war against them, or in adhering to their enemies, giving them aid and comfort. No person shall be convicted of treason unless on the testimony of two witnesses to the same overt act, or on confession in open court.
The Congress shall have power to declare the punishment of treason, but no attainder of treason shall work corruption of blood, or forfeiture except during the life of the person attainted.

FORD MOTOR has achieved both.  We are in an environmental War; we have been losing that War -losing ground to our enemies- for 100 years at the hands of Ford Motor; in weakening the United States' populace physically (widespread thyroid dysfunction & disease) and diminishing all of us mentally (bipolar, schizophrenia increase), Ford Motor has given AID & COMFORT to our enemies all over the globe who stand by gloating at our stupidly poisoning ourselves, patiently awaiting our inevitable fall. ; and to those who might argue FOR FORD because they helped save us from Hitler, I offer this:

1) From 1900-1945, Ford products laid the seeds of cancer and associated diseases, This was the "planting phase". (Planting their hands firmly in our pockets.)

2) From 1945-1980, Ford seeds became proliferated and permeated diffusely into & thru the U.S.; ALL EXPECTANT MOTHERS CARRIED THEM INSIDE EVERY BODY CELL. This was the "germination phase".

3) From 1980-2004, increase of vile diseases affecting children, increased birth defects, increased incapacities ACROSS THE BOARD. This was the "reaping phase". It is the phase we see now at every doctor's office (sick people whose immune systems are not functioning), every Emergency room (impaired judgement causes most accidents), & every cemetery; the cemetery phase.

In dismay, I rest this case. The numbers are all documented elsewhere.

The time for an accounting is long overdue, as well some attempt at just compensation.   This corporation has shown its TRUE COLORS $$$.

For any of you who feel that attacking a corporation is equal to attacking the Constitution, well that is a delusion that we have all accepted. We should have stopped accepting it a long time ago. No corporation poisons Americans and then rides around in a limo.