Imitation Energy <> What is That ?!

Imitation Energy uses friction as add'l added energy,
resulting in a multi-catalyst "process engine".

Imitation energy is very green, planet-friendly, staged (renewable~repeating) and fabricated energy, achieved by the combining of complimentary systems into a single "synergy engine". Imitation Energy is not "real energy" because real energy is pre-packaged dynamite waiting for a match or other firing mechanism. Real energy is today's homo superior woodstove energy achievement whereas imitation energy is a synergistic alternative energy combo. For instance. The combustion engine replacement system on the enginewow page utilizes gravity, inertia & kinetic motion laws of Physics as "outside energy" plus a combining of dual penduluming fluid temperatures for an exponential & multi-force increase.

The home electric generator Millenial Dawn is little more than a "circular railgun" that stages together laws of electronics combined with leverage increases. There is leverage in the arms, leverage to the top generator arms and leverage to the bottom generator fins. The successive "dry stream" of railgun-speed propelled metal balls ~like large water molecules of an old-timey waterwheel~ achieves a power increase from the triple levers its orbit encounters as its orbit decays to zero.

Physics Fuel since Day One of Creation = God's Engines

However, when it reaches zero motion it is back to the start for a Physics-renewed power stroke => the "miracle" of the Millenial Dawn engine being that when all kinetic energy is exhausted ~the metal balls stopped back at the start~ a 100% Potential Energy-refresh takes place by the Laws of Physics... not by my fancy words on simple web pages.

This is something no other engine on Earth has ever done, gaining a full load of Physics Energy "Fuel" per each & every run cycle = a Miracle Fuel that when harnessed never runs out, never stops = Creation-level Engines.

Millenial Dawn is not a toy. Millenial Dawn can power your automobile, pickup, and make electricity to run a home or apartment without power lines, powerlines that in the last two months alone of 2006 were torn down by snow and storms leaving 1,000,000 Americans and Japanese without power. Imitation Energy would never do that.

Ways to tell the difference between real and imitation energy are many and legion. Real energy is produced by destroying something. Imitation energy does not destroy anything. Those who sell you real energy send you an hourly usage bill tabulated monthly for your paying convenience. Imitation energy would not charge you for living as real energy suppliers (utilities company) say you need to do. You would purchase the engine and then use it til it wears out, which would likely be decades down the road (if then). The "real energy" sellers are the ones who pay for commercial TV time with the monies you shovel at them as if you are somehow too dumb to already know that oil, coal and nuclear power are your American OPEC-masters.

Ever hear the slang term for crude oil? Crude oil is called "sweet". Crude oil is sweet to whoever owns it because they know the entire world -all 6,660,000,000 of us- needs power for heat cooling locomotion and waffles. Owning fields of crude oil sweetens its owner's bank account, increases their property holdings, stock portfolio, which isn't such a bad thing if it was not for what crude oil does to planet Earth, species' health and the World Bank No-Gold Economy.

Imitation Energy does not have to be drilled so it exists everywhere we need it. Engines {new jobs} make it. Anyone owning one of those engines, they and their family have warmth & cooling for the home and plenty of electricity. Electricity is produced right there "on-site" at wherever you need it. That is called "Point of Service" or just POS.

So far I have been very blessed to "figure out" several such engines at just the time we needed them most. You saw the links on But the first electric "engine" was a way to attract lightning to a field of towers in the "Lightning Belt" of the southern United States in 1989. I submitted it to the D.O.E. & they responded it would not work. They didn't look very closely & kneejerked at the horrendous thought of Big Energy someone cannot be BILLED VERY MUCH FOR.

The Gov saw money coffer loads of $$$ floating back into
taxpayer pockets & they were sore afraid. They say they want
us to all afford a home yet they refused my engines, ALL OF THEM.

The towers were not a true imitation energy engine {neither is wind or solar} but that was the start, harnessing God's Power, Heaven-Sent from eons ago because He knew He had a Plan to put people on the Earth... so He began making these secondary Earth-generated energies (gravity+lightning+tides+wind) for us when this Earth was first created. I also designed another engine for harnessing gravity but decided it was too complex for the D.O.E. so I did not bother them with it. They had showed me what they were about <> MONEY.

My lightning submission marked me to them as being an "independent inventor" so in 2003 when I happened across Hertzberg's nitrogen-powered car & saw how to fix it, I knew fighting & slogging through a boxing ring with the D.O.E. would be a waste of my time.

What Imitation {non combusting} Energy is? Desktop fusion.

Desktop Fusion comes in many Flavors <> {4 so far:}

Enginewow is Imitation Energy in the flesh.

As is the Millenial Dawn engine.

However, it has come to my attention that others are beginning to find and build imitation energy engines. As I find them I will list them on this page >>> + Calloway Reports

also a special page where I have shown ways to enhance fossil fuels engines & increase fuel mileage mpg significantly Click Here. Imitation energy engines remain the best engines of all. Taxpayers will reap a huge windfall once they only pay for imitation energy engines and not fuel for so-called "real" energy that really is KILLING US ALL.

In my opinion one of the holy grail-level earmarks of the best engine is that it does not destroy Matter {what do the "real energy " engines you are familiar with such as nuclear, gasoline, biodiesel, kerosene, ethanol, natural gas, propane gas, methane & nitrous oxide}. Battery power needs to be avoided ASAP as well as hydroelectric, both needing to be used for industrial needs but not 120,000,000 cars and homes.

Since 2005, Global Warming & Ice Age threats were finished.

Crude Oil is Finished >SlashDot Post 8/22/2006



This webpage tells about Imitation Energy. Like imitation sugar it is a replacement energy with less ''calories'', except in the case of renewable+alternative energy ''less calories'' means zero emissions, no pollution. Imitation Energy marks the beginning of ''Industrial Age 2'' which began in 2003 with my solution to several other's attempts at the illusive (hidden?) ''air-powered car engine''.  Since this nation's gasoline pump gouging has continued since 2003 the people running this Satan follies burlesque appear having their stock fortune hosiery sunk in Industrial Age 1 ''burn everything you can that isn't nailed down'' -or raise algae/lifeforms and kill it- technologies and crude oil so they are having to refuse ~so they wrongly think~ to acknowledge this new wonderful ''Creation-level'' source of God's Energy using ''Physics fuel''. Some people do not want to acknowledge God or ''God's Engines''. That will come to an end shortly. I have been blessed to reveal these new pollution-free concepts ahead of the one who is coming. Resisting me is as easy as buying polluted Chinese toys => resisting him less so. This may be the last ''sign'' you get, the sign of watching someone like Noah -a man powered by Faith in Bible (God's) promises -i.e. an ''Ancient''- building new engines that run by the Laws of Physics (not burning liquid wood that poisons all life on Earth.)