The secret of why our lungs are so weak,          
and just how we can fix it, is on this page.

Rebuilding the human body is not rocket science. Many men and women fail to optimize because of not getting enough Oxygen. When you finish reading this page, you will know the answer to the riddle Why each of us is not more like a TARZAN!

All Tarzans had something in common: great lungs! Have you ever wondered why? Sure, we think they had strength from the exercise (work), the swimming. Well, that was only PART OF THE ANSWER. Today I'll give you some of the results, my answer. Problem needing solved is a Wide discrepancy of ribcage & lung strength between the Fish life of this planet & Man.  It seems the fish have REALLY STRONG BREATHING while Man is relatively weak... FROM THE VERY START AT BIRTH!  So far it seems no one has addressed this question of why this difference exists, mostly because we just kind of dismiss it as being attributable to them being animals and different from us. However, that is not good enough!  We are also animals and share similarities which should not cause our lungs to be incredibly weaker than them. This question begs for an answer!

So the question is:           

How can our lung strength be enhanced to that of fish? Physical observations of fish has bearing to solving this as yet IGNORED DILEMMA. After studying hyperbarics I developed this idea more fully. I realized the fish are having to Work for their oxygen... putting the WATER under pressure. This explains why a fish's sides are ripped with muscle. Fish breathe water, we breathe oxygen; both are fluids. Oxygen pressure above a swimmer provides the energy to infuse oxygen molecules more densely into the fish & into the lungs of a man, woman, children.

Being a Tarzan has less to do with exercise and more to do with holding your breath while under water. The pressure of the water against us -while holding our breath- is the culprit. The water pressure adds to the pressure inside of our lungs, and presses more oxygen molecules into the blood passing thru the lung sacs {alveoli}. Swimming underwater turns ordinary people into exceptional athletes.

That is the hidden treasure of gold, Tarzan gold, and the secret to HEALTH & Happiness... not to mention longevity. The Trick is to create this same condition artificially without having to live underwater. Can it be done? Obviously it can or I would not be writing this page. There are several ways to cause more pressure inside the lungs.

I have already indicated previously on several pages that one big reason all of Mankind has become weaker and is losing the battle against birth defects & diseases is a lack for oxygen. To my knowledge, no Riley has ever tried to get a patent on oxygen. I certainly won't either. Question remains: Is there a way to get more “available” oxygen into the human bloodstream? My overwhelming answer to that is YES, YES, YES. There is hyperbaric oxygen chambers that we have known how to build since Russian scientists pioneered the technology of pressuring more oxygen into the red blood platelets. Reader's Digest in the 1960's carried articles about it, and how the Russians had found that mothers given extra oxygen were delivering babies possessing much higher IQ levels!

Why has this not been implemented? Well, maybe it has. Maybe other countries are using it, and we just don't know about it. But our pressing need in the United States is that we need to get with the program and get this simple effective technology to the young mothers, the sick, the aged. It needs to get to the Public. Why hasn't this been done? Obviously, hyperbaric chambers are large, heavy, and expensive. Plus they use extra electricity. Up til now, no one has invented a small hyperbaric device. There are some available that are home-sized; I have linked to some of them on other pages (, their cost is reasonable, they aren't heavy and in fact can be packed up and carried.


I don't know. It looks like we have been so busy slugging it out with the drug cartel, the oil cartel, and fighting in jungles & now a desert, that we've just been side-tracked. The American Public has been done a disservice is my opinion. Oxygen therapy fortifies our immune system to fight off disease, and may even reduce the auto immune diseases like arthritis and Behcet's Syndrome. In America the law is Supply & Demand but the Public has not demanded it because they did not realize what was missing from their lives.

Once everyone begins to realize that oxygen is a Purifier... and that getting more into our bloodstream and blood plasma will PURIFY EACH OF US, fortify us, transform and magnify each one of us into an increased daily life of a magnitude we can only begin to imagine... then we should demand it.

Of course, one problem is that they are too expensive for most of us, and represent too large a debt to take on, just to “feel a little better”, which is of course a widespread misconception. Daily hyperbarics is a snowball into the future, a surf board each of us can ride to better health. Do any of us think that Johnny Weissmuller or Buster Crabbe got in good enough shape to run like a Tarzan and it didn't take time & effort? Sure it did. Exercise is a snowball of cumulative effort. Any one who wants to be healthy has to take responsibility for becoming healthy. According to the best physical training people the human body needs exercise a minimum of twice a week just to keep from losing muscle tone! Many physiologists say that for the body's musculature to grow we should not go more than 4 hours without taking in some quality protein! So perhaps an accumulated span of tiny exercises would be much preferred to short bouts with barbells?

Becoming a Tarzan. Can it be done? Yes! Weissmuller did it; You can do it. Let's recap for a moment. I'm not talking about a new system of body training or getting a Gold's Gym membership. Years ago in 1990, I wrote a small novel called ANTI-SYNERGY:The STORY of Project Badwater. A few people are reading it now that I've converted it to pdf. It is not a refined piece of literature but there's a lot of gold in its pages. IDEA GOLD. One of the ideas in there was how a flying craft could use many tiny wings to fly. The idea I'm getting ready to release on this very page is similar to that in that I have a way to make a small device that can be worn. Perhaps an accumulated span of tiny breaths would be the better Method after all!

The secret of why our lungs are so weak,          
and just how we can fix it, is on this page.

What's wrong with planet Earth Over the ages, the air pressure has changed. Gravity increases finished off the dinosaurs, & now the air pressure has decreased and is weakening us! Breathing is just too easy. Air flows abundantly, easily, so easily that our lungs don't have to do any Work!... and it is killing us. For us to build our lungs to the strength of the fishes (ripped) we have to raise the average level of Work required to elevate us to a higher level of aerobic fitness. We might do it the hard way with long periods of grueling exercising (fine for anyone who can do it) -not unlike planes using large wings-..., or we can do something else, something lighter but over a more prolonged period, just as I used the tiny wings to make the craft I invented fly across the pages of my novel!

TWO CHOICES! More are coming, like a fountain!      

In order to strengthen the lungs & ribcage muscles you have 2 choices. If you restrict a person's breathing it would make them do Work to draw air IN to the lungs; that is NOT the Answer as it would lower the air pressure inside the lungs. The other choice -and the effect we want- is an increased air pressure called hyperbaric {pressured} air. The secret then is quite simple. We need a mask that opens freely to let us breathe IN but restricts us from breathing OUT... raising the pressure inside the lungs. As we press the air to breathe out, the oxygen we did not use in our last breath is pressured just enough to press more oxygen molecules into the passing capillary blood AND the blood plasma, like fish. That way, our bloodsteam AND blood plasma is getting oxygenated both when we inhale and as we EXHALE. This may possibly represent a 100% efficiency increase over what we now settle for as Normal. (This extra oxygen isn't being pumped into muscles for a work out; it's pumping in and strengthening the Immune Sytem <> energizing the brain and organs!)

You really don't need any mask to get this effect. Submersing yourself in a pool of water while holding your breath does the same thing. The weight of the water upon the body & lungs you see! Any steps in your home? Take a breath at the bottom and walk up, exhaling toward the top. Or, you can put your hand over your mouth as you breathe out, holding the air from getting out as easily, and it still supplies the slight “back pressure” that presses the unused oxygen into the blood. There are many ways this can be done. The best way to do it would be with a mask, with oxygen sensors, temperature sensors that regulates the pressure closely, keeping the air in your lungs from getting dangerously warm. It would monitor the carbon dioxide and other gases like monoxide closely and open fully immediately as needed! It needs to be made in such a way as to respond to changing conditions. It needs to be made to open fully -& automatically- under times of heavy exercise. In other words, it needs some serious Reseach & Development! I am not going to hold this information from everybody while I search out a Patent Attorney. Your Life is too precious to have to wait for that.

And that concludes this line of research for me,
the Inventor, Woodrow Riley, self-proclaimed AskInventor.


These Methods and any resulting devices are not just for the Healthy to use. They're for people with asthma! In between asthma attacks -when the lungs feel fairly strong- such a device being used just on the good days will slowly strengthen the person's body with additional oxygen, making them stronger, gradually becoming strong on the bad days too.




Pressured oxygen? Why not just blow up a balloon?
Self-hyperbarics? Hold your breath a little once in a while!
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No, it isn't the mask mentioned above but, good guess.








Record of Invention:

Date of Conception: January 20, 2004


Inventor Name: Woodrow M. Riley