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Perpetual Power = Perpetual Momentum = Perpetual Motion

February 2005, I discovered <this link> a piece of Puzzle Logic!


Never enter the Temple of Doom and never say aloud these words:
Perpetual Motion 
Yep, they'll get you thrown out every Time.
Excuse Me?!:

If a car's gas tank never emptied, I think we would have perpetual motion a-plenty. A waterwheel sitting in a river or creek of flowing water turns forever til it wears out. Isn't that perpetual motion? Yeah. What of the steam-powered locomotives? Had they trapped the exhaust steam, the water could have been re-used over & over: the "closed loop". While the coal or wood-fired burners would not be perpetual, the re-used condensate would have made half the process near-perpetual. What if that waterwheel carried it's own load of water that falls down one side and rides back up closer to the axis of the wheel?

A Smarter Engine would do that !
An electric hybrid motor does

What if someone made a car engine with *only* overlapping power loops?:  http://www.newpath4.com/icyhot7.htm
No more OPEC & No more price-gouging. Ever.

Now You're in the Temple of Doom with me!

How's it feel?  Pretty good eh?, solving perpetual Power, Motion?  hehehehe

It's hard to build a wheel to do that with water wanting to bounce,

but a ball does nicely.


Animation? Nope.
We're going to do something better >
Thanksgiving 2005 came a week early this year.  

I don't  mean to be pontificating as I know it is offensive to some people, but I'm getting really tired of all these experts making our lives so hard when Life shouldn't be that. Truth is, this Planet Earth is drowning in water and drowning in Power. Five more years. Life is just a medium, like Space or Time, fluids we can bend it and will soon. Five more years or less...

It isn't rocket science. FLUIDS WE CAN BEND?



Okay, look. I can't show you the perpetual wheel yet because I had to write a bunch of pages about health, then there was mental illness & Behcet's Disease Syndrome {caused by a lowered oxygen content from our vehicles using it more than our lungs}, and then there were the pages on World Peace. So perpetual motion ...


But I will tell you what I have discovered, that we're surrounded by Perpetual Motions all over the place! So far, I've discovered 4 systems. And the pattern for all 4 is much the same. A pattern that you could duplicate without my help. The trick is to use cross-platforming of different processes, or engines, that triggers the next engine in the loop. And it doesn't have to be an engine at all. Look for the circles and complete them. See http://tinyurl.com/4sjmu 

What would you then have?:
A series connection of non-perpetual engines (or processes).
A series connection of "sweet spots" of each engine,
skipping like a rock across a pond using the full power from each.
The rest of the engine phase doesn't matter because it is
not being used anyway.
In other words,
the inefficiencies of each engine is a non-issue.

The only thing being wasted is the time it takes each engine
to cycle back around through its "inefficient" parts. It's only Time!
Who th' heck cares? It IS waste but it doesn't matter!
All that matters is the Timing.

Money is an engine. It goes from one person to the next, endlessly {perpetual motion}. When the first person gets it, he extracts all the energy {usefulness} from it by spending it. The spending is the transferring of the dollar bill to the next person with full value. No matter what you call your engine or engines, the secret is to get 100% from it {the "sweet spot" that every engine possesses}, which includes movement to the next and the next and the next, until you return to the first person again!

It's kind of like cannibalism as I've already mentioned elsewhere, and that's why we reject it. Deep in our souls we think of cannibalism as Evil, which it is, except when we combine engines together into a completed loop, it is NOT cannibalism damn it; it's EFFICIENCY.

Can the Speed of Light be surpassed? I don't know that the answer matters all that much. If we equal that speed with a space vehicle we would be traveling roughly 6 million miles in a year. The problem is that at that speed it would still take lifetimes of living to reach another star system. By the time a family reached that star system Earth technology would leave them behind, unless... There's a fellow who thinks he has figured out Time Travel for inanimate objects. So suddenly our Time Travelers carrying their own Time Machine would have current textbooks, TV, music, everything from home Earth would be sent to them all along the way {updated computers?}, and they would be experiencing the changes same as everyone else. They would also be carrying their own sending unit, keeping us appraised of all they encounter along the way, sending us updated star maps.

Yes, it can be surpassed by skipping the rock(etship) through the Physical Matter Stream with a burst of Energy, applied to a ship already traveling next to the Speed of Light.

Imagine that we send out 129,600 such vehicles from Earth at the same time (360 x 360) and they're all sending data back. In just a year's time we would know exactly what's going on and where we stand. Of course, none of these vehicles would have to be manned but we would anyway. Sending out trained robots isn't really exploration because exploration is only exploration when danger is involved.

Perpetual motion is perpetual activity; "groupings of activities that keep triggering the next and the next in a closed loop". That's all it is, and it can be ANYTHING. It can be a chemical that triggers fat metabolism that fuels re-creation of the first chemical from some process or other that needed energy to operate. There! You've got perpetual activity, perpetual motion til you turn it off... {or more likely there would be an automatic sensor reading a person's bodyfat level that would do the turning off}.

If we made a fishing rod with a tiny motor-battery combo, and it would cast out til it caught a fish, and the fish when caught was pulling against the motor til it ran backwards and recharged the battery for the next cast, we would have made another perpetual activity er motion. It would, of course, have to sense the battery charged up & generate a lure-release.

Friends, anti-Gravity is real. We don't have to use propulsion rockets to escape Earth's atmosphere. A non-combusting self-contained engine smart enough to do that -once outside of Earth's gravitational field- will go the Speed of Light. And when it gets there? It will still be running, won't it?

Hate the box. Get out of there. Think outside the casket er box. And believe. Sometimes multiple different engines -working symbiotically in tandem- can make up one of the cogs in a perpetually running device. For example, my idea for a wind-solar home electrical generating system is like that. The solar functions during the day at Maximum Storage while at night time that's usually when the wind gets up from storm activity, so the solar switches off like a wrestling tag team, and the two working together at maximum periods of generation feeds into a home storage solution, sharing the same generator & battery, and wiring & switching devices inline. During the day if the Wind increases, the 2 would work simultaneously, creating an abundance of power for the Home.

There's a little more to it than that, but you get the close approximation to the finished device. Homes equipped with such a combo unit would obtain in excess of 90% of their electrical supply for Free. However the Main Power Grid would still remain hooked up as the backup. In 1-2 year's time, we could nearly cut oil imports in half just by getting this device completed & sold together as a Kit. Dropship to Homes, made so simple a 10 year old could snap it together. Plug here, snap there, and the next day darn near experience guilt-free electricity.

Space travel at high speeds. Is that the "best"? Far from it. The best would be when we find out what is the missing instruction {genes/DNA/RNA} from the human body that prevents it from keeping original copies of the cells (the pattern)... but that's way above me. Would say this though, that the human body should be internally cloning itself constantly at the microscopic level.


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