wholesale metal jewelry pieces My world permissions can be purchased with game coins

wholesale metal jewelry pieces I can buy a lot of authority for some permissions. What is the name of this plug -in?

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  1. fashion jewelry wholesale malaysia The money in the game is not new for today's players. Although sometimes rejection and sometimes disgusted, we have more or less accepted this model. Essence If the virtual currency in the game can also get the flowers in reality, how good should it be! Congratulations, this dream will soon be realized.
    minecraft (Chinese translation "My World") is a sandbox game developed by Swedish game company Mojang in 2009. All elements in the game are composed of blocks, and the screen is slightly rough but has a great degree of freedom. Players can build and destroy their own world in it like playing Playing Blocks. The third largest best -selling game in the world. Because Mojang's attitude is very open, it allows players to compile the official code to establish their own server to develop different functions in the game. Therefore, in addition to the official server, Minecraft also has many different functions of services. Bitquest is one of them.
    bitquest is the Minecraft open server built by the Chilean game development company Mego. The characteristic of this server is to allow players to exchange the currency in the game -emerald into Bitcoin. Minecraft can get emeralds through mining or transactions with other players, and the exchange rate of emerald and Bitcoin is that 1 emerald is equivalent to one millionth of TEN, about 0.04 cents. Players only need to deposit their emeralds into the trading vaults in the game, and they can get the corresponding Bitcoin in their XAPO wallet.
    . As of now, this server has more than 1,200 players and is expected to grow. Developers said that they will soon hold a construction contest in the game, and the first place will be rewarded with 1 Bitcoin ($ 348, 2115 RMB).
    "Each game has its own economic system, just like the gold coins in" Diablo ", or the cherry in" Candy Crusting Legend ". But you can only spend these virtual currencies in this game. So what if you allow you to spend these money from the game in reality? "Cristian González, a Mego executive said. "This is an in -game experiment related to the future. We have no retreat."
    , although Cristian González is a bit righteous, but if this model is really popular, it is indeed a change. In the past, the currency circulation of the game world and the real world often just means recharge: you use the real money to buy services or props in the game. For many large online games, buying gold coins in the game in reality is prohibited, let alone use the currency in the game to exchange the money in reality. Many domestic gaming studios that have gained RMB through game brushes and equipment that have been sold in the RMB have always belonged to the gray industry, and this kind of industry that requires a certain scale has basically eliminated the channel for ordinary players to obtain real currencies through game currency.
    Prior to this, some games have tried to connect the two worlds: for example, the domestic online game "Fantasy Westward Journey" allows players to buy game cards in the game Circulation. The Second Life developed by Linden Lab went further: the world's largest virtual game community allows players to convert the Linden Dollar in the game into the US dollar. However, because the scope of Linden coins is not wide, this exchange has always been tepid, and this game industry has gradually faded out of people's vision.
    So when a game that is popular in the world, with a virtual currency with the highest degree of recognition, its future prospects are expected. Players can obtain virtual currencies and exchange to real currencies through the labor in the game. MEGO chose Bitcoin and MINECRAFT and hoped that they would become a bridge for the communication between the virtual world and the real world.
    "We are a group of crazy gamers who hope that Bitcoin will become the official official currency of the virtual world, and Minecraft is the perfect platform for turning on this change." Game developers write this sentence on their official website homepage F

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