plunder jewelry wholesale How can I not open the cash back network? What is going on? I am still going to buy something through the website

plunder jewelry wholesale

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  1. wholesale jewelry store scottsdale Taobao adjusted the rebate mode and changed the cashback to the voucher, so many websites could not be opened. Below is the statement of the Taobao Alliance, which I pasted.
    On November 21, 2012, the Taobao Alliance stated in the official community that Taobao adjustment Taobao customer commission model replacement points coupons will be adjusted for the rebate type Taobao guests, and no longer supports Taobao Station (including Tmall and Taobao Bazaar) Shopping cash to the Taobao guest model for members or buyers, only supports the Taobao guest model of non -cash rebates such as bonus, refund, and returning coupons, shopping vouchers. The new policy will be implemented from January 1, 2013.
    Taobao is a personal or website that helps Taobao sellers to promote products and obtain commissions according to the transaction effect. The Taobao Alliance said that the move was because consumers reported some types of rebate types of Taobao customers who exaggerated the amount of cash rebate, malicious extension of the rebate period, deliberately set up many restrictions and non -rebate, and even some illegal organizations and fishing websites. The slogan of "shopping back cash" is used to deceive and mislead consumers. In addition, some sellers complained that some deliberately exaggerated rebate amounts and false propaganda behaviors affected its price system and destroyed the normal business order.
    T Taobao alliance suggests that Taobao customers who return the cash mode take rectification measures as soon as possible to "return cash back cash" and other related words such as "return XX points" and "return XX shopping vouchers". At the same time, the Taobao alliance will no longer support the Taobao Alliance for exchanged points (or other virtual coins) and then directly redeem cash such as cash such as points (or other virtual currency). For Taobao customers who have not been rectified before January 1, 2013, the Taobao Alliance will terminate cooperation with it.

  2. online wholesale jewelry vendors Gather a large number of online shopping members. Members go to major online malls from here. After the order is completed (no return), as a partner of the mall, you can get a certain percentage of sales commissions from the mall, and then return most of the commission to the commission to return it to the commission to return it to Member, this is the source of cash

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