2 thoughts on “Mobile phone mining is a scam?”

  1. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer friends who want to mine with mobile phones are newcomers at first glance. Only newcomers will be deceived. Mobile phone mining is to buy mining machines to generate virtual currencies, conduct internal trading transactions, etc. They are all cheating Xiaobai. Perhaps the first batch of play can make money, but afterwards, they are cut into leeks.nIt is not recommended to play.nNow the country has introduced anti -fraud apps and downloading an anti -fraud app will perform effective fraud software recognition.nAsk the family to dig [Khan]nAnswer even if there is an internal trading platform, the platform circle is enough to turn off the server and run the road, and your money will be paid to the east. This is the harm of air coins. The family is broken.nThis is not protected by national law at all. The country is not allowed.nIt is like killing piglets now, and pigs are killed.nQuestion, thank you for remindernThe answer can be cash out quickly. Don't get deeper and deeper.nIf you are satisfied with my service, please give a evaluation ❤️❤️ I wish you a happy lifenQuestion Haihui International, I voted for 50,000nAnswer Haihui is the fund disk. There is no security at all. Any foreign exchange dealers do foreign exchange transactions must have national foreign exchange supervision, and I have found any regulatory certificates without finding the official website of Haihui International. In the past 3 months, foreign exchange Tianyan has received 9 complaints on the dealer's exposure; please pay attention to risks and beware of injuries!n5 percent of the monthly. Do you think the country will allow it?nThe question has been in the transaction for 19 days, and I have set up the companynCan you get gold?nAnswer this depends on luck, drumming and passing flowers.nThe characteristic of killing the piglet is to kill the pig's fertilizer again. In other words, the net will be closed until the capital disk reaches a certain capacity. If you invest first, you will definitely make a little money. Later, they basically did not return.n15 morenBleak

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