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  1. The purchase point card
    1. Players who are preparing to sell some cards can go to the backyard of Chang'an Qinfu (37, 97) or (48, 103) to find some card transaction notaries to talk, choose to consignment points card type: physical entity: physical entity If you are a physical point card, you need to enter the card number and password of the trading point card according to the prompts; the virtual point card is the point card that is bound to be bound to the player's account, no account and password. The system will automatically check the virtual points that can be used to sell in your account, and you choose the type of card to sell cards. After completing the above steps, the input point card sells the price to generate a point card to send a notary.

    This physical point card consignment online direct charging card (virtual card)

    2, each consignment point card, you need to pay 20,000 two handling fees, regardless of whether the transaction is successful, the procedures for procedures The fee is not refunded.
    3. If the point card is purchased within 6 hours, it will automatically return to the seller, but the handling fee will not be refunded.
    The points card to return or recharge again. It is recommended to retain your point card information information properly before the order of the point card is successfully sold.
    4. If the point card is used for recharge during the consignment period, the consignment will be automatically canceled. The handling fee will not be refunded.
    5, the selling price of the point card can only be within the range of 50,000 to 5 million.

    The purchase card
    1. Go to the backyard of Chang'an Qinfu to find some card transaction notarization officers and choose "Buy".
    2. View the current card value and price of the current sale, and select the point card you want to buy.
    3, after confirmation, click "OK", the system will automatically recharge the point card to the buyer's pass account.

  2. Now you can't sell a little card!
    First go to
    The East Bay or Underwater Shipping
    Upgrade to 10J! ,
    In a flight to others to go to Changan
    or run through Changan through the Jiangnan wilderness
    n, then there is a point card trader

    The measuring point card can be sold
    Net cards need to rush 50 points with money = 6 RMB
    100 card = 10 People's Bi
    150 points = 15 RMB
    In category push
    Selling point card 10J can
    , but buy a point card 41J
    general 50 -point card = 50w
    100 Point card = 90W
    150 point card = 130W

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