5 thoughts on “The number of pets is super children, why do Japan like to raise pets so much?”

  1. Because pet culture has been fully integrated into the Japanese life, a large number of pet patterns on the products, various pet images in animation cover all aspects of Japanese life. Coupled with the large number of people living in Japan, low desire and Buddhist department are also the standard for many young Japanese, but people are easy to be lonely, so choosing pets to accompany themselves to reduce loneliness has become the mainstream.
    The cat culture in Japanese love cats has formed a unique cat culture. In addition to countless cat cafes, wealth cats, chinchillas, Doraemon, Hello Kitty, etc., there are also a large number of cat -related adjectives or proverbs in Japanese, plus Japan's work pressure is also very high. When I was a kid, my parents were busy at work, so most children and pets were accompanied by pets at this time. At this time, pets would be the best partner of children. They were real family members.
    With the continuous development of the Internet, cloud -absorbing cats are also called a common phenomenon, especially in recent years, everyone's acceptance of pets has become higher and higher. Diversified pets began to be raised and became partners of getting along.
    The pressure in Japan because of industry rules and obeying ordinary people, especially office workers who work very hard. At this time, pets can heal the tired heart.
    If in ancient Japan, only nobles can raise cats. They only walked into the home of ordinary people in the Edo period, so ordinary people cherish cats, and ancient Japan's dependence on fishery was high, so that the cherishment of rice was cherished. It is very high, so it attaches great importance to the function of cats to catch rats to protect food. And in Japan, the image of cats can be seen everywhere. The typical representative of the cat's image as a cat image has stepped out of Japan's country. The wealth cat was loved by people with a fat body and a stingy smile. There are also many literary works about cats in the literary circles in Japan. Japanese classical literature, the stories of the Yuan family, and in vain grass and other works, the image of cats appeared.

  2. People now have a lot of psychological pressure, and they will feel more lonely, hoping to reduce stress through pets. The Japanese pet market is the most developed and most complete place in the world. It has rich and perfect pet insurance. Pets will be the best friends, best teachers, and best partners of children. Because the problem of declining childization in Japan is becoming more and more serious, many people will raise pets so that pets can accompany their children to grow.

  3. In order to reduce the loneliness of returning home and relieve stress, single people will raise some pets; married people think that raising children is too consuming and energy to raise pets; elderly people generally treat pets as a psychological sustenance.

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