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  1. Cats are pure meat animals. They like foods with high protein and foods with high fat.
    For example, like chicken breasts, fish meat, but it is best not to give them some raw meat, because there will be some parasites and eggs in some raw meat.
    It if a cat is very picky about food, you can equip some cans or some snacks as induced. Occasionally, you can also make some cat rice for cats to improve the cat's food.

  2. Meat
    It is also suitable for cats' diet. Many cats can eat raw fish or raw eggs. When preparing meat food for cats, try not to let cats eat some fatty meats, otherwise it will easily lead to cat diarrhea. In diet, do not let cats eat too much.

    egg category
    Cats can also eat some high -protein foods. Cats are suitable for eating some eggs. If the owner is more careful, you can also feed the cat some cooked eggs, which is a very good food for cats. But raw egg cats also like to eat very much.

    icated cheese
    In cats' diet, cheese is also very popular for cats. The protein components in cheese will be relatively high, and cats like to eat. However, some cats have problems that do not digest with cheese. This is similar to human allergies.
    Is to choose things for kittens, it is better to choose fish. Fish has always been the favorite of cats. Many cat food also adds some fish.
    . Cats also need to stop eating in diet. If you eat too much fish, cats will also easily cause excessive unsaturated fatty acids in the body, which can easily affect the cat's health.

    Is when there is a cute kitten at home, choose the food that cats like to eat. In addition to full -price kitten food, there are many options. Low -fat meat, eggs or some common fish, these are the food that kittens love. Too thin cats can feed some cats with fast nutrition cream to quickly supplement nutrition for cats.

  3. Cats living in the wild are mainly eating fish, rats, rabbits, etc.; Home -raised cats are mainly animal feed supplemented by snacks such as meat and dried fish.
    This cats like to eat fish and mice because the cat is a nightling animal. In order to see things at night, a lot of taurine is required, and the body of mice and fish contains taurine. It is only because I like to eat fish and mice, but also because of my needs.
    If feeding should pay attention to:
    . The cat's food plate should be used fixedly and cannot be replaced casually. At the same time, you should pay attention to the cleaning and hygiene of the food plate.
    . The feeding should be regularly fixed.
    three, cats have a bad habit of eating food or eating food on the outside of the food plate. When discovering, correct this behavior immediately.
    four, cats like warm food. Cold food can affect the appetite of the cat and easily cause digestive disorders.
    Extension information:
    The habits of cats
    , day and night
    The cat's pupils can be enlarged in the dark, because the vision in the night is still good, plus plus In good hearing,
    is easy to find prey at night.
    , the awareness of the territory
    After a cat was raised for a while, the cat has a concept of its own activity area and the territory of the environment and the surrounding environment. If a few cats are raised in their homes, they will occur. They often fight for the event area, bite each other, and urinate because they seize the site, affecting the sanitation at home.
    three, enjoy, love to play
    , cats will choose a comfortable place when they sleep in a comfortable place in summer; find warm places in winter, such as sofas or climbing into the owner's bed. Cat loves to play, especially likes to play line ball -shaped objects, and often rolls around the ball.
    , love clean
    The cat is very hygienic, no matter when and where, they always combine their hair, especially after eating East
    , pulling over Baba, pulling Baba Baba Later, he will lick himself up and down with his tongue.
    five, love to sleep
    cats are a "hunting animal", which is very alert. Even when sleeping, they are vigilant, but the pet cats are dead now. When you come to sleep, even during the day, you do n’t have much time to sleep than
    . Of course, if you approach the cat, you will find that its ears will move very alertly.
    Reference information Source: Baidu Encyclopedia-Cat

  4. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer Hello.nCats can eat the following foods: rice is the source of energy of the body; noodles can provide energy when cats have loss of appetite; oats are conducive to metabolism of fat and sugar; red beans are rich in alkaline soap body to prevent the body from absorbing fat; Beef is rich in iron to prevent anemia, and beef is high -protein food, which is conducive to digestion; chicken and fish are high -protein and low -fat foods; duck meat is rich in amino acids that can maintain skin health; carrots can detoxify and clear the intestines; roll cabbage; Rich vitamins can prevent indigestion and gastric ulcers; tomatoes can prevent cancer; sweet potatoes can improve constipation; cabbage can improve resistance; tofu can be digested, spinach contains iron and carotene; olive oil can promote vitamin and mineral absorption absorption of absorption of vitamins and minerals. ; Cat thin mint help decompression; blueberry can resist acidification.

  5. The cute kitten is actually the same as the lion, so the food is mainly protein
    . According to calculations, compared with omnivorous animals, 1 kg requires 6 times protein,
    , if it is the same as ever, the cat eats the cats with leftovers, the protein is clear
    is insufficient, and you should let it be allowed The cat's food is mainly fish. ● Let cats develop the habit of unscero food

    In Japan, when the cat is mentioned, it will definitely think of fish. This is mainly because the source of human protein
    is only fish. In fact, cats also like it very much. Chicken breasts and beef, so they should be fed with fish and meat. No matter which one is biased, cats will become picky eaters, especially from the transition from broken
    to the growing period of growth, and after the growth period of 2 to June, let cats get used to various flavors. It is also necessary for the liver, butter, egg yolk, and dried bags, etc., so you can mix them in the staple food or feed them as snacks to cats. ● After eating,
    . Even if the rest is left, it must be cleaned up
    In the cat's 6 months of birth, and basically eat two meals a day. For the cat's health
    , dining should be prescribed. Time and place, let it live a regular life.
    This of the cat's rice is probably as many fists of adults. Feed half of each and in the evening. R n fat, in order to prevent illness, don't forget to clean the food device every time.

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