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  1. 挤塑板起保温隔热作用,应用于建筑物屋面保温、钢结构屋面、建筑物墙体保温、建筑物地面保湿、广场地面、地面冻胀控制、中央空调通风管道、机场跑道隔热层、 High -speed railway subgrade, etc.
    The squeezing plate has the characteristics of high thermal resistance, low linear, and low expansion ratio. The closing rate of its structure reaches more than 99%, forming a vacuum layer, avoiding air flowing heat dissipation, and ensuring the lasting and stable insulation performance. Compared to the closed perfusion rate of 80%of the foam polyurethane, the leading advantage is self -evident.
    The practice proves that the 20mm thick XPS squeeze the insulation board. Its thermal insulation effect is equivalent to 50mm thick hair polystyrene, and 120mm thick cement perlite. Therefore, this material is currently the best choice for building insulation. Extended information:
    The polystyrene foam plastic is divided into two types: expansion EPS and continuous extruded XPS. Compared with EPS board, XPS board is the third -generation hard foam insulation material. From the craftsmanship, it Overcoming the complicated production process of the EPS board, it has the superior performance that EPS boards cannot replace. The performance characteristics of the XPS board are as follows
    1. Excellent high -intensity compressive resistance
    Due to the special structure of the XPS board, its pressure resistance strength is extremely high and the impact resistance is extremely strong. According to the different models and thickness of XPS, it The pressure resistance is more than 150 to 500kPa, which can withstand the ground loads of various systems. It is widely used in geothermal engineering, highway, airport runway, square ground, large cold storage and interior decoration insulation.
    2, high -quality water hate, moisture -proof
    The water absorption rate is an important parameter for measuring insulation materials. The thermal insulation performance decreases after absorbing water. Under low temperature, the inhaled water is very easy to freeze, destroying the structure of the insulation material, thereby reducing the pressure and thermal insulation performance of the plate. Because the polystyrene molecular structure does not absorb water, the plate molecular structure is stable and there is no gap, which solves the problems of leakage, penetration, frost, condensation, etc. of other materials.
    3, light texture, convenient use
    XPS boards The complete closed -hole foam chemical structure and its honeycomb -shaped physical structure, so that it has the characteristics of light quality and high strength, easy to cut, transport, and not easily damage, convenient installation Essence

  2. Squeeze plates can be used for insulation insulation, generally used on pavement insulation, steel structure insulation, building walls and roof insulation, central air conditioning and ventilation pipeline insulation, high -speed insulation, and so on. The scope of applications is particularly extensive and excellent quality, which is loved by many consumers.

  3. The XPS extruded plate is processed by the polystylene material through the squeezing process. The output board is a honeycomb -shaped closed -shaped closure structure, which is not breathable and not water. The texture of the squeezing plate is light and high in texture. According to the volume, a cube is only about 30 kg of weight, but the intensity reaches at least 250kPa.
    I due to the thermal insulation, waterproofing, moisture -proof and light pressure resistance of XPS extrusion plates, it is used in various fields. For example, the wall insulation on the building, especially the insulation treatment of the exterior wall and the roof, the outer wall extrusion plate and roof extrusion plate are a major category of the use of XPS extrusion plates. The exterior wall extrusion plate should be light quality and good flame retardant. The B1 -level B2 -level extrusion plate avoids squeezing plates to become flammable when the fire occurs. Under the low -carbon environmental protection environment pursued by the current society, extrusion plates can allow waste plastics to use it again, but also add a layer of insulation to the building to save energy;

  4. "For thermal insulation, it is generally used on pavement insulation, steel structure insulation, building wall surface and roof insulation, central air conditioning and ventilation pipeline insulation, high -speed insulation, etc. Many consumers love. "

  5. The extruded plate is mainly used for insulation, including pavement insulation, steel structure insulation, building walls and roof insulation, the insulation of central air conditioners and ventilation pipelines, high -speed railway road base insulation, etc. Long, and the scope of applications is wide.

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