Ren Zhengfei, Wang Jianlin, and Zong Qinghou, what are the entrepreneurs who have not retired at the age of 65?

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  1. When will entrepreneurs work?
    0 years old is the legal retirement age. Basically, at the age of 65, most people have retired. For example, Pan Shiyi retired to play photography, Ma Yun retired as a "teacher", Huang Yan retired to study food science and life and life Science, etc.
    , but there are still a large number of entrepreneurs who have been over 65 years old to struggle on the front line. These entrepreneurs who have not retired after the flower armor have been doing?
    Pang Kang is a super low -key big man. He has rarely accepted an exclusive interview with the media. He rarely appeared on the outside world. There was no introduction of Pang Kang on the official website of Haitianwei Industry.
    The Tianwei Industry can surpass Guangzhou Zhimei Zhai Sauce Garden, Beijing Liuzhi, Yangzhou Sanhe, and Changsha Jiuruzhai, from a small sauce garden, and Pang Kang's power.
    Irds graduated from the food machinery of Nanjing Normal University, and Pang Kang was assigned to Haitianwei Industry. He stepped up from the grass -roots employees to the position of the deputy general manager step by step. During this period, he first improved the packaging process, and then introduced advanced German production lines to allow Haitianwei to move from Foshan to the country. After the restructuring, Pang Kang was the general manager and chairman of Haitianwei Industry and became its largest shareholder.
    It Tianwei Industry is called a wealth -making factory. When it was launched in 2014, it created 34 billionaires. His deputy general manager Cheng Xue was ranked first in the Hurun professional manager ranking in 2021. The wealth reached 65 billion, which was 6 times that of Ali Chairman Zhang Yong.
    It's position can be seen that Pang Kang is currently responsible for the overall business of the company. In terms of business vision, he exceeds many older entrepreneurs. Pang Kang also revealed a new path to many old brands -a new path Bing old wine, use modern technology to operate old products.
    Wanda Group from a real estate company to a diversified giant that covers real estate, film and television, sports, medical care, and investment.
    In from 1989 to the general manager of the Xigang District Residential Development Company before the restructuring, Wang Jianlin has struggled for 32 years. In 2019, a "Wang Jianlin One Day" itinerary was circulated. From 4 am to the evening At 7 o'clock, in 15 hours, I walked through two countries and three cities, flying more than 6,000 kilometers, and signed a 50 billion contract.
    For ordinary people, the age of 67 is the age of retirement, but for Wang Jianlin, it is the prime.
    In 2017, the real estate policy changed. The bank tightened the silver root. The 600 billion debt made the outside world think that the Wanda Group would go bankrupt, and the richest man became the first negative. Wang Jianlin sold some assets, such as selling 77 hotels to R

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