What You Should Know About Electric Capacitors

Electric capacitors are an important part of the power system, they are most commonly used in a variety of electrical devices such as computers, heating units, and motors. But what exactly is an electric capacitor? Why do they even exist? What makes them different from other types of capacitors? In this article you will find out!

What is an electric capacitor?
An electric capacitor is a device that stores energy by using an electric field to hold an electric charge. When you apply an AC voltage (alternating current) across the terminals of a capacitor, the electric field causes the charges inside the capacitor to oppose each other. This stored energy can be released quickly (discharging the capacitor) by applying a DC voltage (direct current) between the terminals. Capacitors are often used in electronic equipment to store energy and discharge it quickly.

What You Should Know About Electric Capacitors

How do electric capacitors work?
The basic principle behind electric capacitors is simple: when charges are placed in close proximity to each other, they will resist any change in potential (voltage). This is why capacitors are used to store energy - by charging them up, you can create a strong electric field that will prevent the charges from dissipating (discharging) quickly.

When Can I Dispose of A Capacitor?
When should you dispose of an electric capacitor? Unless the capacitor is damaged, it can be disposed of by crushing it and discarding the pieces in a blue container.

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