China's pure solar car made its official debut

The automobile industry has come from the era of fuel to the era of new energy, in the past few years, the sales of new energy vehicles continue to explode, is the suppression of fuel vehicles in all aspects, according to the passenger association estimates, by 2022 China's new energy vehicle sales will increase to about 6 million vehicles.

Unlike traditional internal combustion engines, which burn fuel for power, new energy vehicles are mainly driven by electric motors driven by lithium batteries. The former uses gasoline, while the latter uses electricity.

The impact of electric energy consumption on the environment is much lower than that of the internal combustion engine burning gasoline, so the development of new energy vehicles has become the main direction of the "two carbon" goal.

China's pure solar car made its official debut

However, it should be noted that, whether pure electric vehicles or hybrid vehicles, the energy they get will still have an impact on the environment, which is related to the production mode of electric energy. At present, China's electric energy is mainly obtained by thermal power generation, with coal burning as the main way.

Of course, with the development of technology, China has significantly increased the proportion of wind, nuclear and solar power generation, but this part of electricity is far from enough for the use of Chinese residents. With the rise of new energy vehicles, the proportion of thermal power generation may be further increased.

Therefore, the current energy used by new energy electric vehicles is not clean energy, and netizens do not agree to include electric vehicles and hybrid vehicles in the ranks of "new energy vehicles". In many people's opinion, the real sense of new energy vehicles should be driven by hydrogen power, solar energy and other energy.

Now there is a good news that China has conquered the technology to drive cars by solar energy, which will be the real clean energy. More importantly, China has made a successful breakthrough in this field.

China's pure solar car made its official debut

Recently, a pure solar car named "Tianjin" officially debuted, the car really does not burn oil, does not charge, just need to bask in the sun to move, the project was unveiled at the Tianjin Science and technology awards conference on April 11.

It is understood that "Tianjin" pure solar car is 2021 Tianjin major scientific and technological innovation achievements, its integration of 47 advanced technologies, by 42 units of joint research, completely rely on pure solar driven, to achieve real zero emissions.

More importantly, the key core parts and components used by "Tianjin" are completely provided by local enterprises in Tianjin, and the self-sufficiency rate is as high as 100%, which means that China does not worry about being blocked by foreign technology in relevant technical fields.

On the exterior design, the shape of the car is a little strange, not good-looking, and adopts the design of the cabin roof, the interior space is more sufficient, the interior design is also very bold, directly cancel the direction.

China's pure solar car made its official debut

This vehicle is equipped with automatic driving domain controller and has strong intelligent driving capability. The vehicle is equipped with multiple cameras, laser radar and millimeter wave radar. It is designed for unmanned driving applications of L4 and above, and is a product designed for the future.

Therefore, from the perspective of product positioning, I think "Tianjin" is only a demonstration of technical feasibility of the product, because the energy conversion rate of solar panels is very low, so the mass production is probably far away.

But clean energy is moving in the right direction. The country has long made clear that it will continue to expand clean energy development. Although it will not be able to reduce production costs for a while, it is definitely moving in the right direction.

In addition to China, now many developed countries are also actively looking for ways to improve the efficiency of using renewable energy, because the earth's resources are limited, while renewable energy is infinite, and will play an increasingly important role in the future.

It is believed that with the concerted efforts of scientists, it will be possible to increase the conversion rate of renewable energy and thus reduce the cost.

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