Centralized heat storage and household independent control under new energy mode

The increasing proportion of renewable energy in heating and domestic hot water is an important measure to save energy and reduce emissions in China and around the world.

At present, there are many practical application form in the clean energy heating and domestic hot water, mainly solar energy, heat pump, air source, ground source, water), the disadvantages of the clean energy in the production and storage of equipment is larger, individual users difficult to install the equipment in the ordinary house, such as solar energy and ground source, water source heat pump; Common air source heat pumps are also troubled by the volume and noise of their hosts. Therefore, centralized collection, storage and management of the heat generated by clean energy will make it more efficient and scalable. This centrally generated heat is piped to each user's home, where it is managed by a household heating station, either for heating in different water temperature patterns or for producing instant domestic hot water.

Centralized heat storage and household independent control under new energy modeThe advantages of a user heat station over a traditional residential installation boiler or heat pump are:

✓ The most possible use of clean energy;

✓ Save space: no heat pump, heat storage tank or pipe occupies the indoor space;

✓ Sterile hot water: hot water, no tank to store heat, no legionella hidden danger;

✓ Low noise, high safety: no hidden gas, no heat pump noise;

✓ Autonomous control: high and medium temperature heating modes can be selected; Heating, hot water metering charge, can know the energy consumption data at any time.

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