The IAEA concludes its assessment of Jordan's nuclear security system

The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) has concluded an assessment of Jordan's nuclear safety system through a panel of experts.

The assessment, which lasted 10 days, was conducted at the request of the Energy and Minerals Regulatory Commission (EMRC), which manages and controls the kingdom's nuclear and radiological sector and was the first country in the region to do so.

The purpose of the team's visit is to assist EMRC in assessing nuclear safety procedures and taking necessary measures to prevent, detect and respond to illicit use of nuclear and radiological materials in accordance with the BEST international practices and standards of the International Atomic Energy Agency, EMRC Chairman Hosein Laboun said.

Laboun added that the IAEA delegation also reviewed Jordan's nuclear safety legislation and regulatory procedures, the role and responsibilities of the nuclear safety authorities, coordination among stakeholders and arrangements for the national nuclear safety detection and response system.

The IAEA concludes its assessment of Jordan's nuclear security system

Frederic Marriotte, head of the IAEA and Nuclear Counsellor of France's Permanent Mission to the United Nations and international organizations in Vienna, praised Jordan's efforts to strengthen the kingdom's nuclear security.

Jordan, represented by THE European Centre for Nuclear Research and its staff, has made progress in strengthening the basic regime of nuclear safety to detect materials, he said, stressing its transparent cooperation and coordination with its partners.

The group commended Jordan for implementing 16 best practices, most notably the establishment of the National Centre for Nuclear and Radiological Safety to achieve integration among relevant departments of the country.

At the final meeting, Laboun thanked the IAEA and the team of experts from France, Argentina, Malaysia, the United States and Japan who took part in the visit.

He stressed that the agency will continue to work to achieve further development of regulatory and supervisory procedures to improve nuclear safety.

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