The first anniversary of the construction of the world’s first linglong 1 reactor

July 13, 2022, hainan Changjiang Multi-purpose modular small Reactor Technology demonstration Project (small reactor demonstration Project) one year anniversary of construction.

The small reactor demonstration project adopts linglong No. 1 (ACP100), the third-generation pressurized water reactor technology independently developed by CNPC with complete intellectual property rights. The planned capacity is 125MW. It is the first small reactor in the world to pass the safety review of THE International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), and the first onshore commercial modular small reactor under construction in the world. It has the characteristics of high safety performance, short construction period, wide use and flexible deployment. On July 13, 2021, the small reactor demonstration project (FCD) officially started construction, with a target period of 58 months. It is expected to be completed and put into operation on May 13, 2026.

For nuclear engineering in high quality to promote engineering construction, the project team in accordance with the group of companies “six big control seven zero” quality refinement engineering project management mode of benchmarking work requirements, with fine management as the gripper, innovation and efficiency, from the design, procurement, construction, commissioning the whole process of project total package management, carry out the first pile of construction work.

Independent scientific research and design, unswervingly to ensure the construction needs

As another major scientific research achievement of independent innovation of the Group following hualong No. 1, Linglong No. 1 has important characteristics such as integrated reactor arrangement, integrated reactor roof structure, passive safety facilities, digital instrument control system, etc. Its construction and commissioning is of great significance to the verification of small reactor technology. In nuclear engineering as an engineering contractor, joint nuclear institute to carry out the design research actively, figure from a pile of demonstration project construction, the construction of the positive progress to design the formation pressure, this is the result of the first pile engineering in the field of scientific research and design depth curing difficult, on the other hand also is the result of the new champions league outbreak and the periodic downtime impact of the floods, All these factors seriously restrict the continuity of the design diagram. For site construction and equipment procurement work orderly, nuclear engineering through design reasonable allocate resources, focus on resources research design diagram, establish special coordination mechanism, strengthen the interface coordination and other measures, in the input, interface design, process management and design products and so on each link for scientific control, ensure the enough input field demand and purchasing work.

The first anniversary of the construction of the world's first linglong 1 reactor

Up to now, the small reactor demonstration project has been designed to meet the construction requirements, and all key milestone design nodes in the current stage have been successfully completed.

Face to the characteristics of the first batch, improve the capability and level of procurement services

The procurement of the first reactor project faces both upward and downward pressures. One is the change of upstream input, the deepening of design solidification degree and the special procurement demand brought by scientific research equipment. Second, the construction schedule is tightly controlled, the project site target is constantly adjusted, the demand for equipment arrival is more urgent. At the same time, as the COVID-19 pandemic ravages the world and raw material prices generally rise in the market, the cost control of “Linglong 1” equipment has become more difficult on the basis of fine-grained control based on price per unit, which severely restricts the procurement work.

To cope with multiple internal and external control pressures, the CNNC procurement team coordinated resources, dredged interfaces, made scientific decisions and took the initiative to carry out equipment procurement by means of price limit procurement and centralized procurement. During the procurement peak period of FCD+12, not only overcame the impact of COVID-19 and completed the signing of a new record procurement contract, I also excellently completed 88% of the procurement package tasks of the project, and 20% of the advanced project in the same period, creating good conditions for each installation node on the project site.

Target control is carried out by fine management

Different from traditional nuclear power technology, small, module, integration is ling dragon a number of prominent characteristics, further capsule system of steel shell can assign its safety, at the same time of design parameter optimization, structure construction also face greater challenges, such as the first mass concrete construction in steel casing, mass embedded parts installation, small space more curvature reinforcement assembling construction, etc. Combined with the inherent characteristics of the first reactor project and the strategic requirements of the global first reactor construction, the CNNC construction team takes “proactive optimization and continuous improvement” as the action guide and actively carries out joint schedule control and innovation management optimization. Proposed and practice of integrated reactor pit embedded parts equipment, whole raft with casting, internal floor hierarchical optimization of concrete structure, steel shield ray flaw detection and containment shell of large crane portfolio construction innovation action, positive first pile construction risk, given by the current (FCD + 12), project main objectives (level 1 control points) are advancing on schedule, And the formation of construction line patent application 4.

In order to ensure the orderly construction of the project, CNNC resolutely implemented the safety control requirements of the Group, steadily promoted the construction of the dual-control system of risk hierarchical prevention and control and hidden trouble investigation and treatment, and promoted the fine management of safety production from the four aspects of safety accident risk prevention and control, operation guidance, team management improvement and visual management. Supplemented by information means (such as tower crane visualization, intelligent construction site, etc.), focus on improving the on-site essential safety management ability and level. At the same time, the management team closely around the Group’s “Nuclear Safety Culture Promotion three-year Action Plan” to promote the construction of nuclear safety culture with institutionalized rigidity, strengthen quality awareness, adhere to high standards and strict requirements, promote all staff to carry out management activities, and form the stickiness of nuclear safety culture. Up to now, the safety and quality system of hainan small reactor demonstration project is in good operation and controllable.

Do solid party building productivity, realize the deep integration of Party building and business

Around the overall situation, service center. In nuclear engineering project team called for giving full play to the advantages of “large party construction” system, actively organize the party factory, to further promote the construction of the party organization, effective play to the contractors organization lead exemplary role, built the resource sharing, mutual harmony, value to create and build good atmosphere of complementary advantages, set up in various areas of business party shock brigade, Covering safety, quality, progress, construction, contract, design, procurement and so on, with grassroots bastions and party members as pioneers to set up, to promote the in-depth integration of Party construction and business.

So far, the small pile of demonstration projects were set up 10 branch party shock brigade, emerge a batch of dare to charge, the vanguard of the bear in the former communist party members, the project construction, bottom sealing head/barrel hoisting, and internal structure of concentrated research played an important role in the key nodes, such as fully practice the “old-age party construction is a” production work requirements.

Under the background of global energy production structure adjustment, the accelerated construction of small reactor demonstration project will contribute to improving China’s independent innovation capacity and influence in modular small reactor field, realizing the transformation and industrialization of scientific and technological achievements, and promoting the safety development and independent innovation of nuclear power. It is of great significance to build Hainan into an ecological civilization demonstration zone and a free trade port with Chinese characteristics with global influence. The year of 2022 is the “Year of Fine Management” of the Group and the peak period of civil construction of the small reactor demonstration project. CNNC will push forward the construction process of the project with a spirit of no time to wait, complete all node construction tasks with strict standards and high quality, and welcome the victory of the 20th CPC National Congress with practical actions.

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