Russia plans to build Europe’s largest radiopharmaceutical production plant

Russia plans to build Europe's largest radiopharmaceutical production plant

On 14 July 2022, Russia held a meeting to discuss work and measures to prevent drug shortages under sanctions. Rosatom is ready to start construction of Europe’s largest radiopharma production plant in Obninsk, which will be able to meet 100 percent of Russia’s domestic demand in the future, said Rosatom deputy general manager Rusatom Healthcare, Kobesova. Export to friendly countries.

The plant is scheduled to be operational as soon as 2025, with construction costs of about 9 billion rubles and a capacity of 89,000 curies per year. It will produce the most commonly used radiopharmaceuticals (such as iodine-131, samarium-153 and molybdenum-99), as well as certain promising radiopharmaceuticals (such as luteium-177, actine-225 and radium-223). With the opening of the new plant, The Russian group plans to increase its share of the radiopharmaceutical market.

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