Silicone doll face makeup and maintenance

sax doll head is extremely delicate, not only through the debugging of the mold to make it lovely, and in the later stage, a series of makeup will be sent to the doll owner.

Silica gel doll's head is typically selected silica gel, so conscience merchants are using silicone coating materials, so the face makeup will not easily fall off.

Only because of the passage of time, tall will slowly fade.

Pay attention! Baby owners in the use and cleaning of 3 ft sex doll, remember not to wipe the face tough, wipe the strength can not be too large, for tiny things do not work miracles, too much strength is easily lead to makeup fading and eyelash loss. This is extremely difficult to repair.

Personal suggestions are that you can use general female cosmetics to make-up silicone dolls, such as lipstick, blush, eyeshadow, pay attention to not using sticky ointment, because it will be difficult to wash off.

When removing makeup, you can use soapy water, makeup remover and alternative gentle wipes can not be overly rough.

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