The “double carbon” system engineering Joint innovation Center signed the inauguration

On the afternoon of July 31, Zhangzhou Energy solemnly held the signing and unveiling ceremony of the Joint Innovation Center of “Double Carbon” System Engineering (hereinafter referred to as “the Center”) in Zhangjiang Nuclear Park. Chen Guocai, Party Secretary and Chairman of Zhangzhou Energy, Tang Baojun, deputy director of Energy and Environmental Policy Research Center of Beijing Institute of Technology, and Ding Feng, chairman of Aerospace Development Company, attended the signing ceremony and jointly inaugurated the center.

“Double carbon” systems engineering joint innovation center by the nuclear guodian zhangzhou energy co., LTD., Beijing institute of technology in energy and environmental policy research center and the Beijing aerospace xlrdzwy tripartite cooperation of new and high technology co., LTD, a collaborative innovation, is committed to build a theoretical research and engineering application, talent training, communication publicity in the integration of professional “double carbon” innovation platform.

The center aims to implement the national requirement of “carbon neutrality” from the aspects of “Hualong One” project construction, industrial structure, production, operation and maintenance. It aims to enhance the ability of systematic research and innovation in energy conservation and emission reduction, carbon footprint, “zero carbon”, and old and new energy ladder. At the same time, based on its own development, gradually expand to Zhangzhou city, Fujian Province and the national “carbon neutral” field; Coordinate the relationship between emission reduction and development, overall and local, short and long-term, and bring into play the role of nuclear power in our energy transformation.

The unveiling of the center marks the establishment of a cross-disciplinary innovation platform for counties, cities, provinces and countries. Under the background of “double carbon”, the Center will explore the innovative development of nuclear energy from single power generation to multiple comprehensive utilization of nuclear energy, and realize the coordinated supply of “electricity, heat, cold, gas, water and hydrogen” and other energy sources. The zero-carbon value of nuclear energy will be further highlighted by coupling development with high-carbon emission industries. In the “double carbon” era, nuclear energy will play a bigger role.

Mei Bingyun, general manager of Zhangzhou Energy Safety Supervision, Li Bin, chairman of the Labor union, leaders of design management Department, training Department, maintenance department, project control department, information documentation department and company office, and Shen Haishi, chairman of Zhangzhou Information Industry Group, attended the ceremony.

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