The first sign! Signed the promotion contract of I-Weixiu

On August 3rd, Qinshan Nuclear Power Company, China Nuclear Power Research and Design Institute and China National Nuclear Maintenance Co., Ltd. successfully signed the promotion contract of I-Weixiu Daily Maintenance Digital Management System in Haiyan, Zhejiang, which is another important promotion achievement after the special promotion meeting of China’s nuclear power industry. Mr. Huang Qian, Party Secretary and Chairman of Qinshan Nuclear Power Plant, Mr. Huang Zhijun, Party Secretary and Chairman of China National Nuclear Maintenance Co., LTD., Mr. Xu Yu, Vice President of China Nuclear Power Research and Design Institute and other relevant personnel attended the ceremony.

Continue to promote the company’s digital management transformation, seize the highland of smart nuclear power, build world-class operation performance, and bravely become the leader of nuclear power in the new era. I-weixiu is a typical achievement of Qinshan Nuclear Power Plant in promoting digital management transformation, construction and smart maintenance. I hope that through this promotion and signing, I can carry out sincere cooperation with all units in more fields, achieve mutual benefit and win-win, and make contributions to the realization of the “two and a half years” goal of China Nuclear Power and the “Trinity” goal of China National Nuclear Power Corporation.

At the signing ceremony, starting from the busy morning when a maintenance squad leader was preparing for the morning meeting of the team, Qinshan Nuclear Power Company reviewed and introduced the research and development background, development concept, functional modules and typical scene applications of I-Weixiu. It looked forward to the evolution process of I-Weixiu 2.0 from “digital” to “digital-oriented”, that is, by optimizing, upgrading and iteration of the system, We will continue to cultivate systematic ecology and develop into a large ecological management system with total elements, whole process and whole cycle of maintenance management.

I-weixiu will work out delivery plan and build digital management platform according to the actual work scenario requirements of China Nuclear Power Research and Design Institute and China Nuclear Maintenance Co., LTD., and achieve full delivery to the first batch of customers within 6 months. It will play an important role in safe production, quality management, team construction and performance improvement for customers.

I-weixiu is the concept of excellent maintenance management system of Qinshan Nuclear Power Plant, and it is an advanced practice of digital management mode of nuclear power maintenance. The system was developed by the maintenance personnel of Qinshan Nuclear Power Plant, aiming at the pain points of basic work such as sorting out difficulties in daily work, and centering on the principle of “closely following maintenance business scenarios to achieve maintenance burden reduction and efficiency improvement”. System maintenance safety, maintenance quality and maintenance performance, work order management, team management, business application, personnel management, and other application scenario, intelligence, standard and efficient function module combination, realize the total factor, the whole process of maintenance business, “one-stop” digital maintenance management, guarantee the safety, quality and performance of the maintenance management level. At present, the system has been applied to 121 maintenance teams in Qinshan Nuclear Power Plant, realizing standardized and digital efficient management of grassroots teams. The system was awarded the first prize in CNNC’s 2021 Management Innovation Award and was a strong point in the WANO evaluation.

Qinshan Nuclear Power will take this promotion and signing as an opportunity to highly open and share, attach importance to user experience, continue to iterate and innovate, do a good job in system development and service, provide Qinshan wisdom for user units to realize digital transformation and fine management, help the nuclear industry develop with high quality, and meet the Party’s twenty victories with excellent results.

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