The production of the AP1000 nuclear fuel assembly for the first batch of 193 national nuclear demonstration reactors was completed

At 17:15 on August 4, with the smooth offline of the 193rd AP1000 nuclear fuel assembly, CNNC North successfully completed the production task of AP1000 nuclear fuel assembly for the first furnace of SNC101 in the National Nuclear Power Station.

On March 28, the assembly team of AP1000 nuclear fuel assembly production line assembly workshop officially started the production of this batch of fuel assemblies. The production task was arduous, with complex pellet abundance and different fuel rod types, which greatly increased the time and difficulty of fuel rod loading. Operators were required to check the loading template more carefully. In order to ensure the quality, quantity and safety of the production task, the team adjusted shifts in time and arranged production reasonably. After 130 days of hard work, the production task of 193 sets of fuel components was completed safely, with high quality and efficiency.

The successful completion of the first refueling assembly production task of National nuclear demonstration furnace is an important milestone in the development process of AP1000 nuclear fuel assembly production line, and also a new starting point. The production line will continue to adhere to the high standard, strict work attitude, quality and efficient to complete the follow-up production and scientific research tasks.

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