What is a person's character, can you tell by eating

There is a saying:

"There are two things in the world that cannot be looked at directly, one is the sun, the other is the human heart."

Perhaps in life, many people always feel that the heart is separated by the belly, want to see a person, it really is too difficult!

But in fact, if a person's character is not good, then even if it is hidden and disguised again well, it will show traces in some details 39bet-kết quả bóng đá-kết quả xổ số miền bắc-kèo bóng đá -soi cầu bóng đá-đặt cược.

Is the so-called: details see character.

In the most ordinary of our meals, there are three moments which tell us what kind of man he is.

​I will take your order.​
I saw a video of this on the Internet.

A man and a woman blind date, two people at the beginning of talking and laughing, each other are very favorable.

​Talking to noon, the man proposed to have a meal together, so the two people went to a restaurant.

What men do when they order, however, is surprising.

Ordered three dishes in a row, the whole process did not ask about the girl's preferences, and also to the girl: "These are my favorite dishes to eat!"

58400ac68c983ffe4b0ab2afd7515ad3Listening to the man say so, the girl's face is obviously very ugly, eating almost did not move chopsticks, just the man alone in there.

After the meal, the girl excused herself and blocked the man's contact information.

Watching this video, maybe some people will say, is not a meal, the girl is so stingy!

But in my opinion, girls have really special wisdom, and also special will know people.

Takeshi Kitano once said:

"The rules. Fundamentally, it is about thinking of others. A bad person does not give any thought to the feelings of others."

True conduct of good people, although not necessarily how great, will have the idea of consideration for others.

When eating, different people taste different, so they like to eat, others often do not necessarily like it.

If a person orders, they never ask about other people's preferences, dietary restrictions, only care about what they like to eat, so such a person, selfish, no empathy, met must recognize early, early away.

"CAI Gen Tan" says:

"The article to the extreme, there is no other strange, just right; ​to the best of your character, there is nothing different, just the way it is."

Eating manners is breeding.

From the way a person eats, we can see his real culture.

I had such a colleague before.

When he just entered the company, he was relatively young, so we took care of him. Every time we had dinner together, we would call him together for dinner.

Within two weeks, however, the situation changed, and no one wanted to eat with him any more.

I remember once a group dinner, the way he ate was really not flattering.

When eating, talking, not only spittle stars fly, when the food will be in front of the food toss and turn, but also make a mess of the table in front of themselves.

It is not an exaggeration to say that as long as you eat with him, no one will have an appetite.

In this way, over time, almost everyone gradually drifted away from him.

Perhaps in life, many people will think that a person eating ugly is just a bad habit, not a big deal.

But it's not that simple.

After all, you are not eating alone. If you eat alone, you will look ugly and no one will care.

But if it is in front of others, this way, we do not know how to consider the feelings of others, it is selfish.

What is elegant!

The so-called elegance is to make others feel comfortable, let people see you as if you are enjoying the scenery, not a pile of garbage.

Shakespeare said:

"Money is a great magic stick. It can change a person's appearance."

Money is not only the mirror of feelings, but also the touchstone of character.

A person of good character will not deliberately take advantage of others on the money.

The kind of person who tries every means to escape the order after dinner, then only shows that he is only interested in profit.

Back in school, there was this classmate.

The great thing about going out with him, whether to eat with him, is that whenever it's time to pay for something, he's always busy.

Either just go to the toilet, or the phone is out of power, someone else buys a single, afterwards he is playing the fool, never feeding the matter of money to others.

He thought his little plan was clever, but in fact, every time he took advantage, others saw it and remembered it.

In this way, slowly and his good relationship with the students is less and less, and even the roommates who go out to play are no longer called him.

As the saying goes:

"Gold tries with fire, man tries with money."

No one's money is easy in this world.

Do not take advantage of money, it is a kind and conscious life.

And the kind of person who always skips the bill is essentially a profit oriented person,

Such a person, once there is a conflict of interest, will inevitably hurt you, meet a certain early away from.

There is a saying:

"Appreciate a person, from the level of appearance, respect for talent, and character, longer than kindness, finally character."

The world of infinite skills, only Germany can its force, the world is unpredictable, only the character can make a life.

When character and knowledge complement each other, it will make a person go higher and further.

So, if you meet someone who has these three habits at dinner, be sure to pay attention and don't make friends.

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