What is a rectifier diode

With the rapid development of science and technology, our life is closely related to various electronic products. As is known to all, two kinds of electronic products are commonly used in the production of electronic products, one is the Schottky diode and the other is the rectifier diode. So today we and HEH050BA first talked about rectifier diode, interested friends have a look.

​rectifier diode is a type of semiconductor device that converts alternating current into direct current. ​Normally it contains a PN junction with two terminals: positive and negative. The essential characteristic of diode is unidirectional conductivity.

In a circuit, current can only flow in from the positive side of the diode and out from the negative side.

The unidirectional conduction characteristic of rectifier diode PN junction is used to convert AC power supply into pulsating DC power supply. Rectifier diode leakage current is large, the main use of surface contact material packaging diodes.

In addition, the rectifying diode also has the function of rectifying current, which refers to the current value allowed through the long-term operation of the rectifying diode. Rectifying current is the main parameter of rectifying diode and the main basis for selecting rectifying diode.

Then the above is the relevant introduction of the rectifier diode. I hope to help you. I need electronic components of friends. Please contact us ~

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