Purchasing school furniture selection skills?

Various forms of school furniture appear in front. At present the furniture supplier on the market is more, how to purchase school furniture also became the difficult problem that a lot of people encounter. Today, let's talk about the selection skills of purchasing school furniture. If you have different ideas or views, welcome to comment and share.

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What skills do you have in choosing a classroom? Children like personalized, unique school furniture, but also can not ignore the functional school furniture, practical and comfortable. If students can not meet the needs of the use, blindly pursuit of visual effects, will inevitably bring some adverse effects on the development of children. School furniture should strive to be simple and interesting, to combine functions, colors, materials and forms, forming a visual effect and psychological perception of the whole.

The safety of school furniture is divided into two categories. The first category is personal safety, namely whether the strength of school furniture reaches the standard, whether the edges and corners of school furniture are properly handled, and whether other designs are potentially dangerous to children. Because children are naturally active, school furniture must be secured and secured if necessary to prevent serious injury when children knock it over.

Whether the materials, glues, paints and crafts of school furniture contain harmful chemicals such as common heavy metals, benzene, phenol and free formaldehyde. Children are in a period of physical development, the resistance to harmful substances is very weak, so the safety of school furniture selection for children's physical growth and development as well as health is not negligible importance.

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