How to choose dog collar and harness

All dog owners know that dogs wear leashes. Nowadays, besides the collar, the traction belt widely used by everyone is the chest harness. Today, let’s take a look at who is better than the collar or the harness!


The advantage of the collar is that it is highly controllable. If you pay attention to the dogs on the SHOW field, you will find that they all wear a very thin chain, because then you can stop the dog when it is disobedient. And if the dogs in our ordinary family choose collars, the dogs will be tamed soon, because the neck is the most sensitive place, and with a little force, the behavior of the dogs can be restrained and help train them to be obedient.

However, the only "disadvantage" of the collar is that it is easy to damage the hair on the neck of long-haired dogs when worn for a long time, so you should choose a collar with a good texture, such as leather, or wrap it with soft cotton cloth, so that the breathability Well, the damage to the hair is also much less. If you wear it for a long time, don't choose plastic or other poor air permeability, which will not only damage the hair but also the skin.

If possible, it is best to wear a collar for your dog from a young age, which can help him adapt from an early age. Once used to the harness, the dog will not like the collar very much.Also read:The 14 Best Dog Harnesses of 2022

Dogs who have used collars since childhood should wear collars as little as possible to protect their hair when they do not go out. For some large dogs that need to be worn for a long time, the collar should also be removed every day and the hair on the neck should be combed to maintain health.

Chest and back

The advantage of the chest strap is that it can bear a wide range of forces. Many owners feel that the collar will strangle the dog, so they choose the harness from an early age. However, the obedience of a dog with a harness is far worse than that of a dog with a collar. However, the harness is still very suitable for some specific dogs, such as small chihuahuas, miniature dogs or dogs with acute and chronic throat diseases, the harness must be a better choice!

The disadvantage of the chest harness is that it has poor control and great pressure on the chest cavity. Many dogs who like to go rampage use harnesses, and they are mostly excited. The owner chooses the harness, often hoping that they will not be strangled no matter how they run. But the more excited the dog is, the more difficult it is to tame, and the harness only plays a role of restraint, and cannot achieve the purpose of taming. Over time, the dog's obedience will decrease.

Another point is also very important. Excited dogs tend to have a greater impact force, and the compression force of the chest strap on the chest is more reflected, which is very bad for the internal organs. The complicated design of the chest strap also makes the underarms , Neck, chest hair friction, so it is not suitable for long-term wear than the collar.

Be sure to choose a chest strap with a bandwidth of more than 1 cm, which can relieve pressure, and you must remove the strap when you come back from going out. The puppies in the developing period must not think that the collar will be strangled, but with the chest harness, the pressure will deform their bones.

Leash-like leather dog collar

Pros: It fits snugly around your dog's neck, and your dog should feel comfortable too.

Disadvantages: Because the area in contact with the dog's neck is relatively large, for dogs with long hair that is easy to knot, if it causes the adhesion of the hair on the dog's neck.

Pillar Leather Dog Collar

This kind of dog collar is equivalent to rolling the leather into a small tube, and then sewing it on, so that the dog collar becomes a small cylindrical shape.

Advantages: It overcomes the disadvantages of the leather collar like a belt above, because the collar has a small contact area on the dog's neck and can be rolled, so it is not easy to cause hair adhesion.

Disadvantages: Also because of the small contact area, when you pull the dog hard, the dog will feel uncomfortable.

Nylon dog collar

The material of this kind of dog collar is nylon, and the price is usually cheaper than leather.

Advantages: The material of the nylon dog collar is relatively light, unlike some heavy leather ones, which feel heavy when worn on the dog's neck. The colors are bright and there are many beautiful styles. Another plus is that it's easy to wash off.

Disadvantages: Because it is nylon, it is easy to generate static electricity when the dog wears it. And in order to strengthen the degree of firmness, they are usually made thicker. In addition, this kind of nylon is usually woven with thick nylon thread, which is easy to fluff and hang.

chain dog collar

Iron chain dog collars are basically used for large dogs, and some small dogs will use this kind of collar when competing, because the iron chain is very thin and can be hidden in the dog's fur, which is not obvious and will not affect the appearance .

Pros: Quite sturdy, ideal for large dogs with a lot of size and strength. It is not easy to cause the hair on the dog's neck to get knotted, and the collar is very thin. For long-haired dogs, the collar is almost invisible, and it does not affect the original appearance of the dog at all.

Disadvantages: It feels too strong, not as cute as nylon or leather collars. If you do not pay attention to maintenance, it is easy to have rust and stain the dog's neck hair.

Fork-hole belt buckle

After talking about the advantages and disadvantages of dog collars made of various materials, let me specifically mention the advantages and disadvantages of different belt buckles. Generally speaking, there are two types, one is the fork hole type and the other is like a plastic clip. Let’s talk about the fork hole first.

Pros: Very strong, I highly recommend this buckle for stronger dogs. No matter how hard the dog tries, it is impossible to break the collar.

Disadvantages: No matter it is leather or nylon, it will be deformed after a long time in the pierced part, and the metal collar in the punched part of nylon will fall off after a while. Although it does not affect the use, it is not very beautiful.

Plastic Clip Style Dog Collar Buckle

Many small dog collars use this kind of buckle, and the color can match the color of the collar, which is very beautiful.

Advantages: It is beautiful and very convenient to use. It can be fastened at once when you take your dog out every day.

Disadvantages: not strong, if the dog pulls hard, there is a danger of breaking. Not suitable for dogs of larger size and size.

Briefly introduce the types of chest straps

8 font

Advantages: easy to put on and take off,

Disadvantages: Usually small dogs or dogs with short legs are easy to loosen, and because they have to be worn on the dog's chest, it is easier to hurt the dog.

Therefore, parents should pay attention to protect the dog from being strangled when using the 8-shaped harness.

H type (I-shaped)

With 5 adjustable fulcrums to adjust the dog's body shape, the chest position is V-shaped.

Advantages: There will be no feeling of chest confinement. In addition, in addition to being used as a seat belt in the car, it also has the function of preventing impulse.

T-type (Easy Walk)

Generally, the leash of the chest harness is buckled on the back. In order to prevent the dog from rushing forward, our general habit is to pull the leash back tightly, and then we will find that not only the dog cannot be stopped, but the dog is rushing forward. quick.

This is a dog's instinctive reaction, and they will reflexively resist the force on their body. Just like sled dogs, the pulling force behind them will prompt them to rush forward more vigorously. According to this principle, the T-shaped chest strap goes in the opposite direction. The buckle of the leash is designed on the front chest strap. When the leash is tightened, the small ring will pull the chest straps on both sides closer. The pulling force generated by the harness is forward, and the dog will instinctively stop backward.

Pros: The front chest strap is worn under the breastbone, not the delicate throat area, so the dog won't cough, choke, or suffocate when the leash is tightened.

The T-shaped harness is mainly used for impulsive prevention. Under the training of the owner using Easy Walk, it has a very obvious effect.

Disadvantages: It is best not to let the dog use it for a long time or when no one is around. It is mainly used for going out for a walk, and the price is small.

In fact, both the collar and the harness are tools to restrain the dog. Different dogs will have different options. But tying them when going out is not only a manifestation of good public morals, but also can protect the safety of dogs.

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