How to replace UPS battery with lithium battery?

Preparatory work: After receiving the rechargeable battery replacement notice, the battery replacement implementation engineer went to the site to carry out preparatory work: to ensure the input switching power supply of the UPS server, the registration and inspection of new and old batteries, and the sealing of the smoke detectors of the fire-fighting facilities in the computer room. Carbon dioxide fire extinguishers and other related work. Before UPS servers, old battery packs, rechargeable battery monitors and other equipment replace lithium batteries, make relevant records, especially the placement of rechargeable batteries on each layer, wiring of rechargeable battery monitors, marking, and drawing connection diagrams . Ensure that the actual effect of the rechargeable battery is consistent with the response of the original battery after the battery is replaced.

  1. Capacity calculation After replacing the UPS lithium battery, what needs to be done first is to calculate the battery power. Calculate the volume of the lithium battery that needs to be replaced according to the volume of the original lead-acid battery. Although the volume of the lithium battery is smaller than that of the lead-acid battery under the same volume, don’t worry about replacing it with a lithium battery with the same volume as the UPS. excellent.see more:48V Lithium ion Battery for Electric Bike

Second, the lithium battery pack. Generally speaking, it is not easy to have a lithium battery with the same volume as the original UPS lead-acid battery. Generally speaking, masters with hands-on skills need to connect individual small-volume lithium batteries in series and parallel, and install safety protection components to form a lithium battery pack. This type of lithium battery pack consists of an independent lithium battery, which is good for replacing lead-acid batteries.

  1. Inspection After the lithium battery pack is assembled, in order to better safety, it is necessary to carry out several inspections on the UPS lithium battery pack. Conduct safety inspections on lithium batteries, and after replacing them with lead-acid batteries, safety inspections are also required. For better safety considerations, it is always right to do more inspections.
  2. Installation. After several tests, it was confirmed that the replacement of the lead-acid battery by the lithium battery was successful, and the overall home improvement can only be carried out after the test. Reassemble the UPS battery according to the correct method to restore the consistency of the appearance, and then carry out an overall inspection. After the inspection is completed, it can be regarded as a real replacement.
  3. Check whether the lithium battery pack and UPS power supply system are normal. After the battery replacement work is completed, use a multimeter to check the voltage status of the battery pack, the positive, negative and neutral connection status. After confirming that the battery and the UPS battery server are working normally, turn off the battery power switch, and the UPSups power system will resume to work.

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