When men and women are together, the relationship is "deviant", there are four "casual".

Well-known exchanges between men and women, often being affected by any carelessness, a don't pay attention to both sides at the same time, also easy to let the friendship metamorphism, so all people in the exchanges between men and women are particularly cautious, would have to pay special attention to their behavior performance, but if between men and women, the relation is not normal, is completely against the common sense, is not the dealings of the parties shall abide by the following principles, It can be reflected in many ways, the most obvious is that men and women together, the relationship "deviant", there will be four "casual".

1. Speak "casually"

Between people, the deeper the feelings, the closer the relationship, the more mutual communication, the more topics are broad and diverse, involving a wide range of areas. This is a normal phenomenon, but also the specific embodiment of close friends, generally speaking, is that the better the feelings of friends, the more words, the closer the relationship, the deeper the words. However, as long as there is a normal friendship relationship, then there are a lot of things to pay attention to in terms of tone, content and time, especially between boyfriend and girlfriend.

Pay special attention to speech performance in communication, what can be said, what should not be said, when to talk about appropriate, when to talk about inappropriate, grasp very well, as long as unconventional communication as far as possible, that is, a word to describe "do not speak", so as not to let each other more heart and disgust. But if it is a good friend of a man and a woman, after the relationship between two people deviates, the speech behavior will break the conventional. At this time, the two sides talk, the topic and content are not concerned, taboo also does not exist, almost no limits.

Seems it does not matter what you say, want to say that he said, and two people talk performance change is bigger, like silence speaks, intimacy, and even flirting, love these ordinary friends never appear the phenomenon, has become the norm, chat session also don't consider, in everybody care about care about time, chat is also often happen, just be together without words do not say, And the mouth is unrestrained, the content, the time is not limited, is to give a person a special casual feeling.

33afdc51643eaea905bf2f57a51690bb2. Asking "casual"

Friends often invite together, this is essential to the process, but just friend invitation number is limited, general characteristics and rules to follow, also has does not frequent invitation, just at the right time happy together, usually does not see more 39bet-kết quả bóng đá-kết quả xổ số miền bắc-kèo bóng đá -soi cầu bóng đá-đặt cược, meeting time is limited, men and women friends invite each other, care and attention is more, the two sides meet has a lot of rules and standards, They take it very seriously, otherwise it will give people a bad association, but the relationship between boyfriend and girlfriend is "out of line".

Will, two people meet each other as the most yearned for, can become the favorite together, invited each other at this time is quite different from the ordinary friends, if only see every day, hate cannot meet moment, no matter have something fine high frequency invitation, this time no matter sooner or later, and did not consider whether time is appropriate, as long as it is to see, will use all claim to offer each other, Even what reason do not need, pure is to meet each other, and even if just met apart not long.

Will meet again because of the miss, is completely'd like to see it, both sides will gladly keep the appointment in any case and meet all don't as a rule, at the most exclusive is more than two people meet each other, like most private invitation, two people alone, and the place of the selected is ordinary friends mind and taboo, this is the big fear of ordinary men and women meet friend invitation, But they go in the opposite direction. They don't care, they don't care. The biggest characteristic of men and women's invitations is casual.

3. Step into "casual"

As friends will care for and help each other, naturally different levels are involved in the life of each other, this is inevitable exist between friends, but no matter how friends relationship, this kind of intervention is within a certain scope and limits, namely the saying goes the mixing of mixed up, is not what all want tube, it is not possible, is also not realistic, and too much involvement will make each other feel not adapt, They are also uncomfortable and unpleasant to each other. Boyfriends and girlfriends are more sensitive to and mind each other's involvement.

For fear of "what is the relationship between us" and "what are you me" doubts and misunderstandings, we are cautious about getting involved in each other's affairs. But if men and women relation is unusual, just the opposite, instinctively want to intervene at this time the other side of the world, want to consider for each other, in his own heart always consciousness to participate in all the other things, will be particularly hard and worry about, all to focus on each other, seems to be the other thing is their own things, but on the other side to this approach is not rejection and refusal.

Instead will be happy to let the other side to step in and like very much to let the other party involved, especially enjoy the process of doing so one can be virtually increases the chances of two people contact and contact with the number of times, let each other more time, the other is by doing this, tell yourself in each other's idea of the importance, verify each other about their feelings, and the degree of commitment and pay on their own, In this way, everything will be known to the other side, everything will let the other side involved, in short, the biggest characteristic is the intervention is random.

4. Act "random"

Everyone knows the word of "discrimination", also know "ShouShouBuQin" taboo, so as far as possible in the exchanges between men and women do theone, follow rules, not exceptional, this is common sense, and men and women friends, so in the process of exchanges between men and women to pay special attention to their own behavior, can grasp the scale and boundary is very good, keep a certain distance, Try to behave properly, do not appear should not have some performance, so as not to be criticized, or even be reviled.

And if the men and women love not pure, they are influenced by feelings, no longer pay attention to the men and women, also ignore the etiquette norms of exchanges between men and women, closeness to become a strong will, at this time whether it is a "given", or "by" will show obvious affinity, in the usual activities, playfulness, intimate behavior, often inadvertently to gather together, Deliberately close to the body and physical contact, there should not be some behavior, even hands and feet will be unruly honest.

Deliberately "lift", do some across the manner relentlessly, action without discretion, no boundaries, and the two sides are not dislike and disgust, instead, or you want also enjoy this kind of behavior, is fun, close behavior became the norm, this is the ordinary men and women friends, it can make each other between the shun, It IS RARE OCCURRENCE AND APPEAR, COMPARE WITH AVERAGE FRIEND, BEHAVIOR MAY BE SAID TO BE VERY "AT WILL", CAN GIVE A PERSON THE SENSE OF DEMEANOUR FRIVOLITY.

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