China also attended the African Conference on nuclear technology

On 22 July 2022, the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) hosted the 33rd Technical Working Group Meeting of the African Regional Agreement on Cooperation in Nuclear Science and Technology Research, Development and Training (AFRA TWGM) in Rwanda. During the period, China Atomic Energy Authority (CAEA) hosted and China National Nuclear Corporation (CNNC) hosted the China-Africa nuclear technology and Knowledge Transfer Meeting. China Tongfu promoted the company's nuclear technology application products and capabilities at the meeting.

In this activity, China issued keynote reports entitled "Gamma Irradiation Station Technology and its application" and "Nuclear technology application enables a better life", and expanded the publicity effect by means of propaganda films, Yirabao, brochures and so on. In addition, China TongFU introduced to the participating countries the human resources training programs of "irradiation technology application" and "nuclear medicine and radiotherapy" approved by the Ministry of Commerce, actively promoting the promotion of nuclear technology application in Africa and benefiting local people's livelihood.

China also attended the African Conference on nuclear technology

AFRA TWGM is a regular exchange and cooperation mechanism in the field of nuclear science and technology for all countries in the African region. This conference is attended by personnel from the Atomic Energy Commission, the Ministry of Health or the Ministry of Science and Technology from nearly 40 countries. During his stay in Rwanda, the Chinese and Japanese leaders discussed nuclear medicine, radiation stations and general medical projects with officials from the African Union, the Ministry of Health, Public and private hospitals, the Atomic Energy Commission of Rwanda, the State Atomic Energy Commission and the Ministry of Health of Egypt, Zambia, Nigeria, Ghana and Namibia.

Through this activity, China Tongfu established or strengthened contacts with many African countries, conducted docking and discussion, and obtained many potential project opportunities, which laid a foundation for the subsequent development of the African market, and also promoted the promotion of brand awareness and brand image of China Tongfu in Africa.

Liu Hua, Deputy Director-General of IAEA, Mr. S. Abdulrazak, Director General of Africa Division of IAEA Technical Cooperation Department, Dong Baotong, Deputy Director General of CAEA, Shen Yanfeng, Deputy General Manager of CNNC, Shen Lixin, Deputy Director General of Production and Cooperation Department of CNNC and other leaders attended the meeting on site or by video. Mr. Yin Yuji, Deputy chief engineer of China Tongfu and General Manager of CNNC Tongxing, and Mr. Jia Weibin of China Tongfu Beijing Branch attended the meeting and delivered keynote speeches. China Co-Radiation Business Unit, Atomic High-tech, China Co-Radiation Beijing Branch and other units participated in this promotion.

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