Hardware power tools operation precautions

Hardware power tools are often used in modern industrial industry products, which are generally driven by electricity, but in the process of use need to pay attention to some matters, operators in the process of using power tools need to pay attention to what matters?

Precautions for operating Hardwares and power tools:
1. Before using the tool, a full-time electrician should check whether the wiring is correct to prevent the disconnection of the neutral line and the phase line from causing accidents.

2, long term use or damp tools before use, should be measured by an electrician insulation resistance value to meet the requirements.

3. The soft cable or soft wire of the tool should not be connected long. When the distance between the power supply and the workplace is far, the mobile switch box should be used to solve the problem.

4. The original plug of the tool shall not be removed or changed at will. When the original plug is damaged, it is strictly prohibited to insert the wire directly into the socket without the plug.

69c0f70e0dc75bbc3f31581d45cdfaad5. If the shell and handle of the tool are found to be broken, it should be stopped and replaced.

6. Non-full-time personnel shall not disassemble and repair tools without authorization.

7. The rotating parts of the holding tool should have protective devices.

8, operators wear insulation protective equipment (insulation shoes, insulation gloves, etc.) according to the regulations.

9, the power supply, must be equipped with a leakage protector.

10, it is forbidden to overload the use, pay attention to the sound and temperature rise, found abnormal should immediately stop the inspection.

In short, for the sake of operation safety, Xiaobian suggests that all power tool operators should operate power tools in strict accordance with their operating specifications and precautions to ensure operation safety.

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