The largest teddy bear museum in the world

1200 teddy bears! It has the largest teddy bear museum in the world, as well as the largest and most complete collection of objects. While traveling on Jeju Island, my friends and I went to the Korean Teddy Bear Museum.

The art gallery is on the second floor, where there is a Louis worth 1.3 million yuan. Vuitton teddy bear, the most costly teddy bear in the world. Oh, boy, one doll, and is it worth so much?

This teddy bear museum was built to display the teddy bears that have been loved by people around the world for a hundred years. The transformation from a simple plush toy to a collectible artwork conveys the centuries-old teddy culture. Here are America Giant Teddy Bear Plush Toys.

In this teddy bear museum, it is extremely suitable for girls' concave style. There are a lot of scene changes. Many girls here take selfies with their favorite teddy.

Teddy bear worth 1.3 million yuan, take you to see the world's largest teddy bear museum
Located on the first floor, the museum reproduces 11 major events in the history of mankind in the 20th century, including the emergence of Ford Motor, the sinking of Titanic, World War II, the landing of men on the moon, and the return of Hong Kong. Teddy bears are featured in each scene.

It's a teddy bear wedding with a teddy bear pastor. It's real. The priest was only a bit shorter than I was. Here, the teddy bear is no longer a bear, they also get married, have meetings, go to school, drink coffee, make costumes, be a lawyer, be a singer...

You see, two teddy bear waiters seem to ask you, what can I get you? ​It is also extremely popular with children, who visit for a long time, and are not willing to leave.

In the corridor, you can see large orange groves and the Halla Mountains in the distance. Jeju Island is abundant in oranges and is famous for its orange chocolate, which numerous people buy as a hand gift.

The museum also has a cafe, bar, souvenir shop and an outdoor courtyard where teddy bears can be photographed. In the new pavilion is the Teddy Bear Wedding Chapel, which has a lovely hallway. In each display case, there are teddy bears on display.

There is also the world's smallest teddy bear. It is only 4.5 mm in size, but because of the tiny, I looked for a long time but could not find it.

In the souvenir shop on the first floor, you can also choose your favorite teddy bear. I want to take them home! But the teddy bears sold here are not inexpensive, look at, one of the three hundred.

Admission price: Over 20:6,000 won, or 40 yuan. Under 13:4,000 won, or 26 yuan. It's worth the trip.

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