How to connect the solar battery?

How to connect the solar battery?

Photovoltaic power generation system consists of the following four parts: 1, photovoltaic power generation solar panel 2, solar controller 3, solar battery 4, inverter

How about solar panels without controllers?

Better use a controller! No words can also, but this is to see how you use, the role of the controller is only to control the relationship between the solar panel and the battery and the load, protect the battery to prevent overrelease, short circuit, and can only control the load working time state, refer to the controller instructions. In addition, the load of the controller has requirements on the battery. Generally, the load of the 10A controller is not higher than 12V current. Accordingly, 10A can take the following 120W electrical appliances, 20A can take the following 300W electrical appliances, 30A can take the following 500W electrical appliances. If not, it is also ok, but there may be a problem of over-discharge to the battery, which will damage the battery, and over-discharge will also affect the battery life.

Can solar panels generate electricity on cloudy days?

This concept is very confusing, cloudy day depends on the light intensity, if the light intensity will also have weak voltage and current, but this sunny day under the strong light ratio of tens to hundreds of times! In short, the stronger the light, the better the power generation effect, the weaker the light, the worse the effect.

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