The common problems and solutions of EDM technology in micro hole machining

In the process of micro-hole processing, EDM is also one of the commonly used schemes. Edm is a new process using electric energy and heat energy, commonly known as discharge processing. Edm is based on the continuous generation of pulse spark discharge between the tool and the workpiece, and the use of local and instantaneous high temperature when the discharge is generated to gradually remove the metal material. The following Chinese metal stamping on the EDM process technology common problems and solutions.

1. The problem between the amount of electrical erosion of the microhole machining workpiece and the tool electrode. From the point of view of technology, we consider the material and equipment loss in the processing process. namely

2. The precision and efficiency of microwave processing parts.

3. Problems between the generation and exclusion of discharge products.

2411edb517b13249e08aeb14fbef40e5Common methods to solve the above problems in microhole processing are as follows:

1. Artificial chip discharge and exhaust. A number of small holes can be pre-drilled into the tool electrode to create a chip removal path. Periodic lifting of tool electrodes can also be used to compensate for the imbalance between generation and elimination.

2. Use forced flushing or oil pumping to promote product exclusion.

3. Accelerate the cyclic filtration of cutting fluid.

4. Increase the pulse no-load voltage and increase the discharge gap to improve the chip removal conditions.

5. The relative movement between the two electrodes (such as rotating head and translational head in forming process and wire walking in wire cutting process) can improve the clearance chip performance.

6. The compound effect of ultrasonic vibration (or other measures) and EDM has an obvious effect on improving the chip removal conditions.

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