What is a microinverter? Main characteristics of solar photovoltaic micro inverter

Micro inverter, generally refers to the photovoltaic power generation system power is less than or equal to 1000 watts, modular level MPPT inverter, full name is micro photovoltaic grid-connected inverter. "Micro" is relative to the traditional centralized inverter.

The traditional photovoltaic inverter is to connect all the DC generated by all photovoltaic cells in the sunlight in series and parallel, and then through an inverter to inverter DC into AC power grid; Microinverters invert each component. Its advantage is that it can carry out independent MPPT control for each component, which can greatly improve the overall efficiency. At the same time, it can also avoid the dc high voltage, weak light effect and barrel effect of centralized inverter.

Solar photovoltaic micro inverter is a device that converts DC from a single solar cell module to ac. The dc power conversion of micro inverter is from a single solar module. Each solar cell module is equipped with inverter and converter functions. Each module can independently convert current, so it is called "micro inverter".

What is a microinverter? Main characteristics of solar photovoltaic micro inverter

Micro inverters can achieve maximum power point tracking (MPPT) at the component level, which has advantages over centralized inverters. In this way, the output power of each module can be optimized to maximize the overall output power.

Main features of solar photovoltaic micro inverter

1. Safety: Traditional centralized inverter or group series inverter usually has a dc voltage of several hundred volts up to one thousand volts, which is easy to catch fire and difficult to extinguish after fire. Micro inverse only dozens of VOLTS of DC voltage, all in parallel, to reduce the maximum potential safety hazards.

2, intelligence: component-level monitoring, you can see the working status of each component in the ECU. [1]

3, multi-power generation: component-level MPPT, no barrel effect, reduce the impact of shielding on power generation; Low light effect is good, because the startup voltage is low, only 20V, it can work in low light.

What is a microinverter? Main characteristics of solar photovoltaic micro inverter

4, long life: usually micro inverse design life of 25 years, 10 years for the traditional inverter.

5, convenient, beautiful: there is no need to build a special distribution room, micro inverse can be directly installed behind the component or on the bracket, because it is a parallel structure, the later increase in scale can be directly installed, without changing the previous configuration.

The solar photovoltaic micro inverter is small and beautiful in size. It can be installed directly on the module or bracket and is light in weight. Microinverter technology proposes that the inverter is directly integrated with a single photovoltaic module, and each photovoltaic module is equipped with an inverter module with AC-DC conversion function and maximum power point tracking function, and the electrical energy emitted by the photovoltaic module is directly converted into AC electrical energy for AC load or transmission to the power grid.

When one of the panels doesn't work well, only that one is affected. All the other panels will operate at peak performance, making the system more efficient and generating more power.

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