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Hualong International signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement with Academia Sinica

On August 4th, HUALONG International and ACADEMIA SINICA held an exchange forum in Beijing and signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement witnessed by the National Energy Administration. Gao Liben, Party Secretary and General manager of Hualong International, and Fan Jihong, Party Secretary and chairman of Academia Sinica, signed the contract on behalf of both parties. Wang Yibing, researcher of Nuclear Power Department of National Energy Administration, Huo Jianming, member of Party Committee and deputy general manager of Hualong International, Shen Feng, member of Party Committee and deputy general manager of Central Research Institute of State Power Investment and Investment, and other leaders attended the signing ceremony.

Hualong international Gao Liben introduced in advancing hualong technology innovation, continuous improvement booster hualong new progress in nuclear power project to the ground, the country's electricity for the central research institute in the development of science and technology achievements and business model innovation congratulations and appreciation, and subsequent to both sides in-depth exchanges and cooperation in the field of nuclear energy and so on full of expectation. He said that Hualong International would work with Academia Sinica to give full play to their respective advantages, actively do a good job on the verification application of COSINE One, promote the implementation of their strategic cooperation agreement, and jointly promote the smooth implementation of various works.

Fan Jihong welcomed the visit of National Energy Administration and Hualong International. He introduced the innovation system, strategic positioning, R&D layout and scientific and technological achievements of Academia Sinica in the fields of nuclear energy and new energy. "The cooperation between Academia Sinica and Hualong International is of great significance," he said. "The two sides will further promote the application of COSINE One verification software on Hualong One, and strengthen their deep cooperation in the fields of advanced nuclear energy system, nuclear testing and verification, research and development of nuclear materials, and application research of nuclear technology."

Wang Yibing, on behalf of the National Energy Administration, extended warm congratulations on the signing of the strategic cooperation framework Agreement. He pointed out that the cooperation between Hualong International and Academia Sinica is of great significance to the development of three generations of nuclear power in China. He hoped that the two sides could work together to make breakthroughs in key core technologies and jointly promote the progress of nuclear power technology and the construction of a nuclear power country.

Said that both sides will be sign this as an opportunity to establish a comprehensive, multi-level long-term cooperation, further play hualong international and national electricity for their respective advantages, academia sinica, further promote the cooperation, expand areas of cooperation and innovation mode of cooperation, complementary advantages, sharing and win-win, promote comprehensive established close strategic cooperative partnership.

Before the signing ceremony, the National Energy Administration and Hualong International visited the science and technology exhibition hall, full range simulation room and nuclear emergency technical support center of the State Power Investment Group Corporation.

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