Greenmei breakthroughs the core technology of new energy materials

According to Greenme, with years of heavy investment in innovation and three years of scientific and technological research, the company has successfully made breakthroughs in the core technology of "concentration gradient ultra-high nickel core shell ternary precursor material". At present, relevant new energy battery materials have achieved mass production and entered the international supply chain of leading enterprises.

On May 30th, the first mass production and delivery ceremony of Gremmei core-shell TERpolymer was held in Gremmei New Materials Co., LTD., Jingmen city. Six trucks carrying 120 tons of core-shell terpolymer precursors set off for overseas customers, marking gremmei has become one of the few enterprises in the global mass production of this high-tech material.

It is understood that the capacity of Greenme core shell ternary precursor is currently 20,000 tons. The mass production of this new product will have a positive impact on the company's operating performance.

Greenmei breakthroughs the core technology of new energy materialsAccording to reports, the new energy battery high nickel precursor material safety is not high. Beauty by mastering the key technology of green, without changing the material of metal total premise, with micron grade microstructure design makes the concentration gradient distribution of the material internal elements into a continuous, effectively improve the battery cycle life and safety, new energy vehicles were given on the material end range and safety solutions of anxiety.

It is understood that Greenmei invested about 996 million yuan in R&D last year, with a year-on-year increase of 61.32%. Huge investment, make the company has to overcome the high nickel concentration core-shell three yuan, and etc., a new generation of high-end precursor preparation products industrialization technology and equipment system, the key to realize the industrialization of high nickel core-shell ternary precursor production development, complete the "low nickel - nickel - high nickel" whole system without cobalt precursor materials and the four yuan precursor mass production technical reserves, The company successfully defended the industry position of "leading area" of Greenme high nickel low cobalt core-shell precursors.

Xu Kaihua, secretary of the Party Committee and chairman of Greenmei Group, said greenmei has invested a huge amount of research and development costs to solve a number of key technologies such as waste treatment and new energy materials, and has applied for more than 2,000 patents. With the transformation of new technology and the release of production capacity, the patent benefits of Greenmidea will be significantly displayed.

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