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  1. ETH currency is a scam. It is issued by scammers who think they can make big money by buying digital currencies issued by themselves to buy scammers. ETH coins have to buy on exchanges issued by scammers!

  2. If you are just an ordinary person, you have a spare money, and you do n’t feel bad after you lose this money, that is to participate in it. However, you must pay attention to anti -fraud before participating.
    The airdrop fraud
    As the date of the merger, the airdrop scam may also be rampant.
    The focus: Ethereum Foundation did not confirm any official airdrop! Intersection Intersection
    This scams are the scammers who send some tokens to your wallet. From there, some wallets may tell you the value of them, and you will be surprised to find that you have the tokens that have never been seen by thousands of dollars.
    This is where the scam began, because when trying to receive airdrops, you may prompt you to log in and approve the transaction with the Ethereum wallet. This is actually to hand over your key control to scammers.
    has another choice. You must sign a transaction that actually sends the funds to the scammer's account.
    So don't believe that flying comes, otherwise you will still be stolen by your own.
    2.ETH2 token fraud
    It, the Ethereum Foundation did not confirm the official airdrop, nor ETH2.0 tokens. 2.0 will never introduce any other tokens.
    Mathers who allow you to invest, trading, mining, equity, or such things are trying to deceive you.
    , as explanations, users do not have to perform any ETH exchange for 2.0.
    of course, it is worth remembering that the legal derivative token may represent the ETH of the pledge. This is the case pledged on the Lido platform, called STETH. Binance and Coinbase also have their choices.
    This special scam is closely related to the next scam ...
    3. Cooperation fraud n is very common in support fraud in the cryptocurrency industry, and like most fraud People who do not know enough about the industry.
    For example, some people have contacted people through Twitter accounts called "Ethereum". They will find some details, usually including private keys, notes or passwords. They sometimes ask users to grant them remote access to their computer, and so on. The goal is very clear -GET's assets, so the remote authority is impossible
    4. Online fishing fraud
    is one of the oldest tricks in the scam. In the event, you can believe that online fishing will soar.
    For those who do not know, online fishing fraud attempts to steal funds from your wallet by providing a prompt that looks similar to genuine but some fake tips. The most common example is the online fishing email or other types of information you received online, asking you to click on the link to the counterfeit website. In most cases, they will also ask you to enter a helping word or sign the wallet permissions, which will allow a hacker to steal your funds from your fundamentals.
    It scams may install some kinds of software unknowingly, these software will eventually become malicious software and infect your computer, so that scammers can access your files.
    A as the rules of general experience, especially when opening an email from the unknown person, you should:
    § Do not provide personal information or password to anyone n § Email from the unknown issuer immediately
    § Do not open the attachment or link from the email address you do not know
    The method is becoming more and more complicated, so it is important to maintain extra alerts.
    Senging the common points of these scams:
    § Do not share your password or assistant with anyone.
    § Never let anyone visit your computer remotely.
    § Do not communicate with anyone other than specified channels.

  3. Ethereum was created by "V God". In addition to Bitcoin's unshakable status, I believe that Ethereum has the highest status. This is a public blockchain with a smart contract, which is used to process point -to -point contracts. "V God" creates Ethereum mainly to solve the problem of insufficient scalability of Bitcoin. At present, Ethereum already has practical applications. It provides various modules for users to build applications. We can directly build applications on it. It is believed that the genius "V God" will develop Ethereum. As for the purchase of Bitcoin, you can buy at the OTC channel at the 58C OIN transaction.

  4. This question is actually the same as asking Bitcoin if it is scam. ETH is similar to Bitcoin, but it is issued later. The big platform, old platform, and reliable platform of the spectrum are more recognized. AEX and Huobi can be Baidu. These two have a history of 7 years, and their reputation is good. If wealth management, choose AEX's wealth management supermarket That's right, reliable conscience

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