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  1. The essential characteristics of the currency economy are: currency is used as a value scale and circulation means. As a value scale, currency can be completely conceptual and imagined currency. During the exchange process, the value of all goods through human minds and texts Or the language is transformed into calculated currency, and the currency becomes a simple, no value paper, mark, and symbol. As a means of circulation, there is only the symbol of currency in the process of continuous transfer. The existence of its substance is swallowed. It can be seen that in the exchange, the real -life gold and silver currency is sublimated to the imagined currency, as long There is no need to participate in real currency at all, and even the value symbols made by paper do not need to participate. The currency has become an ideological accounting unit, that is, virtual currency. Therefore, the currency economy emphasizes that it is outside the production field. The exchange of goods and currencies. The role of currency in the economy: 1) The currency materials are specified, that is, which products can be determined as currency materials. (2) The name of the monetary unit, that is, the name of the monetary unit and the "value" of the currency unit. (3) Study of main currency and auxiliary currency: The main currency is the basic currency in the circulation of a country, and the auxiliary currency is a small surface currency below the main currency unit. (4) Free casting and restricting casting, that is, the regulations of currency casting rights under the circulation of metal currency. (5) Limited law and unlimited law, that is, the law stipulates how much money has the money has. (6) Preparation system. There are mainly the following monetary system: the silver singles system system is a currency system based on silver as its own currency, which has a long history. The gold and silver duplicate system is two types of gold and silver coins. The golden standard system is a currency system with gold as its own coin, including the gold coin -based system, the gold block standard system, and the gold exchange standard system. (1) Gold coin -based system: Gold coins can be cast freely; supplementary currency and bank vouchers can be freely exchanged to gold coins, and gold can be freely exported into the border. Gold coin -based system: It is a relatively stable currency system that has played a role in promoting the development of capitalism. However, the stability of the gold coin -based system of capitalism is destroyed. (2) The gold block system and the gold exchange system are incomplete and unstable monetary system. The Bretton Forest system is a capitalist currency system centered on the dollar. The credit currency system that is not fulfilled is a currency system without metal monetary currency, which is based on the non -cash credit currency. my country's currency system is the RMB system. The RMB system belongs to the credit currency system that is not redeemed.

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