What sexual skills do men need to master? What should I pay attention to when using condoms?

What sexual skills do men need to master? As a man, they all look forward to giving their partner perfect sex, thus what sexual skills do men need to master? Do you also need to use the jx sex doll?

Men must learn sexual skills

1, sharpen the gun to fight

Don't get me wrong, sharpening a gun doesn't require you to masturbate before a fight. Instead, it's best not to masturbate a day or two before a war so you can load up and be ready to go. Also, before the war, it's best to let her go to some fancy place for dinner because she'll dress up better and your interest in her will increase relatively speaking, which will naturally improve your performance.

2. Go straight in

​Essentially, most men are more focused on foreplay these days, but if you're focusing on weight rather than weight, you're better off avoiding all foreplay in the first round and going straight in with a single knife, because according to reports, the faster the first ejaculation, the more durable the second erection. This sudden rush can be exciting for a partner, too.

3. Recuperate

The smooth muscles in the penis must relax fully after the first ejaculation before a second erection can occur. Therefore, experts suggest that after the first lingering and re-erection, you can massage your partner, which not only reduces boredom but also increases interest, but please do not touch the part of her that will excite you during massage time, otherwise, you will stimulate yourself instead of relaxing. Drinking a tiny amount of beer can make the whole person relax faster, but not too much. Also, be sure to quit smoking, as nicotine will certainly affect your ability to get an erection again.

Ii. Precautions for condom use

1. Condoms do not provide complete protection against the virus.​

Traditional condoms have safety defects. Traditional natural latex condoms are also effective in preventing pregnancy. Although it blocks viruses, it is not effective at preventing them. Condoms are safe for birth control, but not for the virus.

Condom products used on the market are mainly made of natural latex with natural cracks between 5,000 and 70,000 nanometers, which is sufficient to prevent the head of human sperm with a diameter of 5,000 nanometers, but the diameter of HIV is only 120 nanometers, the diameter of human papillomavirus is between 45 and 55 nanometers, and the large spherical particles in hepatitis B virus are 42 nanometers in diameter. The volume of various viruses is considerably smaller than the natural cracks of natural latex. Even if a condom is used properly, it is possible to contract sexually transmitted diseases.

2. Choose the proper thickness of the condom

The thickness of a condom has a strong psychological impact on men. The thicker the condom, the less sensitive a man's penis is during sex.

There are three main types of condoms: ultrathin, thin and regular. Among them, the ultrathin thickness is 0.03mm, the normal thickness is 0.04-0.06mm, and the thin condom is in between. Studies in the US have shown that for every 0.01 millimetre reduction in thickness, a man's comfort level increases by 20 percent.

Ultrathin condoms are not for everyone. Thicker condoms or delayed condoms should be used for men who ejaculate quickly, are older and have poor self-control.

Thickened physical delay set and special delay condom, thickened physical delay set according to different sensitivity of men, in the male penis is the most sensitive glans, crests and straps, using different thickness specifications local thickening, for short time men to bring green, safe, non-toxic side effects of the physical delay method. Special delayed condoms have the commonly used medical desensitization ingredient zocaine added to the lubricant, which can reduce the sensitivity of male organs and thus prolong sex.

3. Condoms during pregnancy

After pregnancy, there is no need to worry about contraception, but sex during pregnancy still requires condoms or external ejaculation. The prostaglandin in male semen is attracted by the vaginal mucosa, can promote the strong contraction of the uterus after pregnancy, will not only cause abdominal pain in pregnant women, but also lead to abortion and premature delivery.

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