How to solve sexual disharmony

You know what to do if you don't have sex? Sex is a couple thing. If one person has a problem, it's bound to affect the other, especially mood changes. Sexual disharmony how to do? Let a cup sex dolls tell you.

1. Like you, his passion needs to be ignited

It's no secret that women take a long time to get into the zone, so men are being taught how to be gentle and patient. In fact, in this increasingly busy world, men are under more stress and trouble than women. They also need time to rest and relax in order to be in the mood to enjoy a happy sex life.

First, both you and he need to be absolutely relaxed, and then find something exciting. A glass of wine (and only one), a hint, or some gentle pillow talk will make your husband drop everything and fully enter the world of the two of you.

He'll like it better if you make the first move

The worst sentence in the sex dictionary is you and me having sex. In fact, it only shows his right and duty to have fun with two people. It would be more appropriate to call it sex.

Use bed exercises to improve men's sexual ability, girls wear underwear must know six common sense

Three, it is related to pressure

Whether you admit it or not, men sometimes care more about life. With interest rates cut again, does it make sense to save? The stock market is unpredictable. Which stock should we pick? If you're thinking about it in bed, it's not appropriate. It's better to talk sweet talk and get his mind off how to make money and into passionate sex. We have 3ft of sex doll.

4. It's okay to be interrupted. Start over

The wonderful and extraordinary sexual experience is the slow, long process of orgasm. But sometimes there are interruptions and you have to pause -- maybe the phone rings when it shouldn't, maybe you need to change a condom or add lubricant.

If you are suddenly interrupted, don't expect to continue in the same state. He needs time to get into the swing of things again. A better option is to tuck in the covers, start over from the first stage of burning, and slowly work your way back to where you were.

5. Work miracles with his eyes

Do you know what part of your body he likes best? For a man, visual stimuli tend to unexpectedly increase his arousal, which can change his body and show strong sexual drive. Therefore, if you can't answer the old question, you should learn to ask him and ask him to tell you his preference.

6. Common misconceptions about sex life

1. The first night must be spent in pain. The first night usually refers to the first sex. In general, the first night due to the rupture of the hymen will cause women mild pain. But because of the sex drive, this mild pain can be easily masked. Some literati, for the sake of the plot, have played it up as a torn heart of pain, which is obviously exaggerated, and the false rumors have made some women chronically nervous, thus suppressing the sexual desire of the wedding night. At this point, the secretion of the vestibular glands is suppressed and the vaginal opening becomes dry due to a lack of lubricant, resulting in difficulty in penile entry. Inexperienced grooms know only impulsiveness, but not thoughtfulness, and rude behavior may lead to painful or traumatic bleeding as a result. On the surface, this may seem to be in the description above, but it is not. If both partners know about sex, can give full play to sexual desire, so that the woman has enough vaginal lubricant and vaginal lubricant, the man can work hard in gentle, considerate, and both partners do their best to coordinate, then the first night can be spent in joy, even if a little sexually aroused.

2, A harmonious sex life must also reach orgasm. It is always expected that both partners will achieve orgasm, but this is not always possible because there is inevitably a certain degree of difference and progress between both parties in the process of sex causing orgasm. Because men have a sexual refractory period after orgasm (ejaculation), which means that a second orgasm is not possible immediately, women do not have an refractory period and can therefore have multiple orgasms in a row. Therefore, it is more ideal for the woman to reach orgasm first, and by the time the man reaches orgasm, the woman has already reached one or more orgasms. Of course, every intercourse can't be like this. As long as both partners are emotionally satisfied, sex without orgasm should be a harmonious sex life.

3, except for male up and female down, any position is abnormal. The sexual position of a man up and a woman down is called the missionary or legal position. It takes its name from the Polynesians of the South Pacific Islands. When Catholic priests from Europe and the United States came here to preach, they saw native men and women without clothes. They often have sex shamelessly in front of people. There are hardly any weird sexual positions. Through influence, the native people were taught by the clergy that only male postures could express devotion to God, and that all other postures were illegal. For this reason, it is known as the missionary position or legal position. In fact, different sexual positions have different sexual effects, which give men and women different sexual feelings. This is one of the conditions that sustain a couple's long-term interest. As for which model should be adopted? It is believed that as long as the marriage is within the scope, health requirements are met and both parties are fully willing, any model is reasonable and legal, and society and religion should not interfere at will.

4, the longer the sex, the higher the quality of sex. Premature ejaculation is premature ejaculation which is not only something that men don't want to see, but also something that women don't want to accept as a male sexual dysfunction. Because sperm ejaculate in a short time, the entire sexual process has to be rushed to an end. In this case, it is listed as a low sex quality. Therefore, some people believe that the longer the sex, the better the quality of sex. This is not the case. The quality of sex life should depend on whether the partners are satisfied physically and psychologically, that is, whether they are happy and comforted mentally and physically. As for the length of time, it should be determined according to the common needs of both sides. If it goes on too long, men may become bored or tired. Female secretions gradually reduce vaginal lubrication to dryness, or from happiness to pain, from excitement to numbness. Chronic congestion in the genitals and pelvic area can affect local blood circulation. Both parties may experience lower back pain, lower abdominal pain, or rectal cramps afterwards. Therefore, the length of intercourse should also be a certain degree. Although there is no standard value, but it can be measured by itself, that is, satisfied.

5, after the gentle husband is unforgivable. A husband who does not touch his wife while she sleeps after ejaculation is a selfish man who criticizes his sex drive because men have a sharp end after orgasm, while women's sex drive slowly fades after orgasm. Not all of these accusations are correct. For example, the man expends some physical energy in inducing arousal or facilitating the woman's orgasm; Or socialize when the man is less interested in sex; Or if the man has not recovered from considerable physical exertion. These, even if the woman is not sexually satisfied, the man is already very tired after ejaculation, and the physical strength and energy do not allow him to do postmortem touching. At this time, covering the head to sleep in the state of unable to extricate themselves. In this way, too much blame is placed on the husband. Therefore, understanding, understanding, consideration and coordination should be advocated for the sexual behavior of couples.

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