What are the differences between various types of knee pads?

Some, the knee is very easy to local cold, a lot of knee discomfort and knee cold related.

​Often, leg muscles feel fever because of constant movement, and knee does not have fever because of muscle activity.

When we feel comfortable cooling our legs, our knees are really cold.

At this time, if you wear knee pads, the thermal insulation effect of knee pads can be shown.

The knee joint is the center where the thigh and calf bones meet, with the meniscus at each end and the patella behind.

Stretched by two muscles, the patella is suspended in front of the intersection of the leg bones and slides freely.

In daily life, because it is not affected by external forces and does not exercise vigorously, the patella can move in a small area commonly seen in the knee.

Wearing a knee brace allows the patella to flow in an absolutely fluctuating position, so as not to be injured.


The above is in the case of no knee injury, mild knee brace method.

After knee injury, the knee brace with heavy braking can reduce knee flexion, maintain a straight line from thigh to calf, reduce knee flexion, so that the knee will not aggravate the condition.

There are all kinds of knee pads.

When kneecap to choose and buy, in addition to work, you should pay more attention to practicality.

Different types of knee pads have different effects.

General Level of Protection This knee brace is designed to protect the muscles around the knee and prevent them from straining too much.

This thin knee brace, placed on the knee, has some elasticity.

After wearing, the knee can still move freely, but the patella can be significantly slightly tightened.

This kind of light brake knee protector can be used to protect the knee in ordinary sports, good air permeability, usually wearing basic will not be inconvenient.

The meniscus patella is a very common knee brace.

There is usually an opening in the middle.

The ring will evenly distribute the force on the knee and will not exert much effect on the patella.

My knees used to hurt when I played with my friends, but I feel better after wearing them.

I highly recommend this.

It's usually tied and fixed.

This kind of knee brace can make the knee tied and not easy to bend, the thigh and calf are always in line with the knee.

So it is very suitable for "braking" after knee injury, but the disadvantage is that the material is not breathable, not easy to use as a daily knee brace.

Don't hold my knee pads on the idea of invincibility do not pay attention to protection.

The above tips and methods are for reference only. It is more important to protect yourself and avoid sports injuries.

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