The difference between sex dolls and physical dolls

In the eyes of many people who do not understand the adult equipment industry, most people only know the sex doll, or can be said to think that sex doll and physical doll are the same product. In fact, now the mainstream products are physical dolls, including some semi-physical and inverted mold products. Inflatable dolls and physical dolls have similar appearance in the body, other aspects are very different. (Both male and female physical dolls are available)

A, appearance

The appearance of the inflatable doll is relatively simple and rough; ​physical dolls vary in appearance depending on price, such as Blonde Sex Dolls


Second, the material

The material of the inflatable doll is basically the most simple polymer organic compound PE material; ​the material used in the physical doll is generally silicone and TPE.

Three, structure and use

The sex doll has little structure to speak of and is basically a pose; ​but the Real Sex Dolls are much better constructed. As long as they're not body parts, they're all skeleton and knuckle motion. They're almost real people, especially some of the more expensive ones, and they can even knuckle motion.

The use of physical dolls is more extensive than inflatable, such as dressed up as some characters, COS, photography models, display models and so on.

Four, price

Basically, the price of inflatable dolls is not much. The price range is about 100-300 yuan. There are some good ones, which are more expensive, and they will be used with different channels.

The price difference of the entity doll is relatively large, ranging from hundreds to tens of thousands, and the entity doll is basically a penny for a penny. The high price of the product, whether in appearance modeling or touch feel and so on, is very good.

5. Advantages and Disadvantages

Physical dolls:

1. First of all, its interior is not inflated but solid.

2. It feels like a real person. ​The skin color lustre is exquisite and is also indistinguishable from a real person.

3. Each joint of the entity doll is made of polymer composite resin material with mechanical support inside, so that it can change posture.

4. The physical doll is relatively heavy, basically weighing more than 40 jin.

5. The price of physical dolls is generally relatively high, especially some foreign brands.

Sex doll:

The price is cheap;
​light, part of the channel can be replaced;
​appearance modeling is simple, there is no observability, the scope of use is relatively small.

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