Solar panel inspection and maintenance

Solar panel is by absorbing sunlight, the solar radiation energy through photoelectric effect or photochemical effect directly or indirectly converted into electrical energy device, most of the main material of solar panel for "silicon", but because of the production cost is very large, so that it can not be widely and widely used. Solar cells are electromagnetic types that use the energy of sunlight to generate electricity. Compared with ordinary batteries and rechargeable batteries, solar cells are green products with more energy saving and environmental protection. Solar panel classification: crystal silicon panel: polycrystalline silicon solar cell, monocrystalline silicon solar cell; Amorphous silicon panel: thin film solar cell, organic solar cell; Chemical dye panels: dye-sensitized solar cells; Flexible solar cells.

Solar panel inspection and maintenance

Solar panel inspection and maintenance

Solar panel testing and maintenance:

1, check whether the panel is damaged, to do timely detection, timely replacement.

2. Check whether the connecting wire and ground wire of the panel are in good contact and whether they fall off.

3. Check whether there is heat at the junction of the bus box.

4, check whether the panel bracket is loose and broken.

5, check and clean the weeds around the panel blocking the panel.

6, check whether there is cover on the surface of the panel. Solar panels supplied by Shandong Zhongyun

7. Check the ornithitis on the surface of the panel and clean it if necessary.

8, the cleanliness of the panel.

9, strong wind weather should focus on the panel and bracket inspection.

10, the heavy snow should be cleaned up in time to avoid the panel surface snow and ice.

Solar panel inspection and maintenance

11, people should check all waterproof sealing is good, there is no leakage phenomenon.

12. Check whether any animals enter the power station to damage the panels.

13, hail weather should focus on the panel surface inspection.

14. The panel temperature is detected and compared with the ambient temperature for analysis.

The problems checked out should be dealt with in a timely manner.

16, to make a detailed record of each inspection, so as to facilitate future analysis.

17. Make analysis and summary records and file them.

Feifan Inspection quality Inspection Report process:

1. Provide product information

2. Engineers recommend suitable testing items according to your products and give quotations

3. Confirm that there is no problem with the quotation, and then send the sample to our laboratory

4. Pay test fees and arrange tests

5. After the test is completed, issue the test report and mail it to customers

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