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  1. Tongdong digital currency is a virtual currency that can be used in market -oriented payment in the future. The total amount is fixed to 5.565 billion pieces. All the amount of currency is subscribed and issued. There is no later increase in issuance and mining. The issuance price starts at one orgate, that is, 0.001 yuan. For players who do not want to hold currency, they will permanently repurchase according to the user agreement at the user agreement, which is safe and risk. The goal is to achieve the unit price of digital currency to 1 yuan within five years, achieving thousands of times of value -added, 10 billion yuan in market value.

  2. Tong exchange is a method of redemption, that is, after a storage point deposit, you can withdraw money at any savings point of the same bank.
    The access to the same financial system is convenient to access within the same city, but when handling banking systems and cross -regional banking business, the rate is relatively high.
    In order to enhance the competitiveness of the bank's business settlement business, the breakthroughs can only be restricted to the public customers in the same urban area in the account opening branch, and meet the needs of the unit customers in the bank's outlets. Efficient and fast settlement services, to the greatest extent to release bank counter service resources, and banks have launched a series of service products for business. Available business refers to the customer business that accepted non -based institutions on behalf of the non -local agencies across the first -level branch. The public existence business is a service product in the business, and a series of service products such as acceptance account opening will be launched in the future.


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