1 thought on “Help, Xshell can not connect to the Master virtual machine deployed by Fuel”

  1. How to connect the virtual machine on the vmware with the local computer without an external network alone: ​​
    1, first turn on the virtual machine software, and log in to the operating system.

    2, then use "iFconfig" to view the IP address of the system.

    3. If the system does not obtain an IP address, this can be set with the "iFconfig Eth0 IP address" command to set the IP address.

    4. Open the xshell software. Click the "New" button

    5, enter the virtual machine IP address. Take "" as an example. Click "OK" again.

    6, click the "Connection" button.

    7, click "Accept and maintain".

    8. Enter the login user. Here is an "root" user as an example. The following "Remember the username" check box can be hooked or not.

    9. Enter the login password. The following "Remembering Password" check box can also be hooked or not. Click "OK".

    10, Xshell has been connected to the virtual machine at this time. You can now control the virtual machine with Xshell.

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