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  1. Are you transferred to me or other people in the Mainland? If you are transferred to others, you can handle it through the Hong Kong professional version or the Hong Kong branch counter;
    Professional version process: Log in to Hong Kong's Cartoon Professional Edition, choose "transfer remittance"-"remittance of Hong Kong dollars in the Mainland", and operate according to the prompts. (Tip: "RMB remittance to the Mainland" is limited to Hong Kong local residents' remittances to accounts of the same name in the Mainland, the daily remittance limit is 80,000 yuan)

  2. China Merchants Bank can be exchanged for the same name of the Mainland with the currency of the Merchants Bank:
    In the login of the Hong Kong Card's Professional Edition, select "Currency Exchange"-"Hong Kong Hong Kong dollar US dollars for the Mainland RMB" and follow the prompts.
    This reminder
    This will occupy a foreign exchange settlement limit at an equivalent of 50,000 US dollars per person.
    2. The account registration is limited to the Merchants Bank in the Mainland of the same name.
    3. The handling time is with the mainland and sales time for the exchange. There is no handling fee.

  3. "If it is transferred to others, it can be handled through the Hong Kong Professional Edition or the counter of the Hong Kong Branch; the process of the professional version is: log in to Apple 12, iOS14, Hong Kong's card professional version V1.1.4, choose" transfer remittance "and then" to the "to the way The Mainland Hong Kong dollar remittance "is operated according to the prompts. If it is" remittance to the Mainland ", it is limited to the account of the same name to the mainland residents to the mainland in Hong Kong. The daily remittance limit is 80,000 yuan. The equivalent of 50,000 US dollars of foreign exchange settlement quota. And the account registration is limited to the Merchants Bank of China with the same name in the Mainland. The time to handle it with the mainland settlement and sales time is not handling. There are differences due to various regions, so it is best to call the call of artificial customer service to ask.

    In foreign accounts can directly send money to domestic accounts

    Foreign accounts can be given directly. Domestic card remittances are required, but certain conditions are required. For example, if the US account is paid to the Chinese account, we must first open a US dollar and RMB deposit account at the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, and need to transfer the US dollar remittance in the form of US dollars in the form of US dollars in the form of US dollars. Entering the US dollar account in the domestic Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, the bank will charge the fee of US dollar remittances. According to this operation, you can withdraw the US dollar cash through the domestic UnionPay ATM teller machine. You can transfer it online. Note that this is related to the rules of each bank. The rules of each bank will be slightly different. Some banks stipulate that overseas remittances need to be bound to account, and some banks do not require an account number. If there is a foreign exchange business The ordinary debit card issued by the bank can be used, or if there is a discount of a one -or -foreign currency. Banks with account relationships can save one or more transfer. In this way, the operation can save costs, because when each transfer is transferred to the transfer business, it will deduct a transfer fee from it. If there is a problem, it will be more convenient to check. It is usually recommended to choose the Bank of China, because it is a professional foreign exchange bank with a century -old history. There are overseas branches in 26 countries and regions. The bank account and account name, the English name of the account opening bank, the SWIFT Code code tells that foreign relatives and friends as the payee information. The account opening bank will deposit directly into the account of the payee after receiving the remittance from the foreign exchange. The euro, the British pound, the Australian dollar, the Hong Kong dollar, the Swiss franc, the yen, the Canadian dollar and Singapore. There is no conditional restriction, and each resident can accept foreign remittances. There is no requirement for the number of remittances, but there are restrictions when solving foreign currency cash. You can handle it with your ID card, surpass this For a limit, banks need proof of relevant legal income. This problem can be solved in batches. "

  4. If you are a cartoon in Hong Kong and a card in the Mainland in my name, you can transfer each other. A card transfer fee for a card in the Mainland to Hong Kong is different due to the differences in various regions, so it is best to call the telephone number of artificial customer service.
    extension reading: In the Hong Kong Cartoon, the mainland account, when submitting a remittance request, the banking system will confirm the remittance information and declaration information. For domestic individuals, the default transaction coding is 801031 for recovery or returned to store the principal of deposits overseas; for overseas individuals, the default transaction code is 802031 overseas deposit money. After confirming, the system completes the remittance operation, deducts Hong Kong's card Hong Kong dollars or USD accounts in real time, and enters the card to the mainland to correspond to the current remittance account, and transmit transaction information to the international income and expenditure statistics monitoring module of the comprehensive business processing system. Select "Hung Kong One Card" in the professional version, usually about 5 minutes.
    The expansion information:
    The cartoon of China Merchants Bank is a bank card specially designed by China Merchants Bank to often design in the Mainland and Hong Kong people. It integrates a variety of financial services in the Mainland and Hong Kong. The characteristics of "safe, fast, convenient, flexible". Having a card of two places and one place can have the Hong Kong and Mainland China Merchants Bank accounts at the same time.
    A Hong Kong account deposits
    * Active deposit: including Hong Kong dollars, RMB and US dollars, account deposits. The deposit balance reaches the payment of interest above the bank, and it is eased once every six months.
    * Regular deposits: including Hong Kong dollars, RMB and USD deposits, and the deposit period is diverse.
    C deposits of mainland accounts
    * Mistatic savings: including RMB, Hong Kong dollars and multiple foreign currency deposits, and interest in the Mainland China Merchants Bank.
    * Regular savings: Various varieties, including the renovation of renminbi, zero deposit, deposit and interest collection, and setting work. In accordance with Mainland China Merchants Bank.
    M remittance
    The "one -cartoon" transfer to Hong Kong will be delivered immediately and free of handling fees. The Hong Kong dollars were remitted to the Mainland China Merchants Bank's personal account and the US dollar was delivered immediately.
    The check business
    "One Card" Hong Kong account provides Hong Kong dollars and USD checks. Customers can apply for checkbooks, inquiries, and stop payments through telephone banking and online banking, which is convenient and fast.

  5. After logging in to Hong Kong's Cartoon Professional Edition (6.32.9), choose "currency exchange"-"Hong Kong Hong Kong dollar US dollars for the Mainland RMB" and operate according to the prompts. The operation will occupy a settlement amount of 50,000 US dollars per person per year. The account residence is limited to the Merchants Bank in the Mainland of the same name. The processing time is with the mainland for sale and sale, and there is no handling fee.
    This information
    The starting point of the credit limit (fixed quota) of the recruitment bank credit card is 10,000 yuan up to 50,000 yuan. Under normal circumstances, the fixed quota range of the general card is 1,000 yuan to 10,000 yuan, and the fixed amount range of the gold card is 10,000 yuan-50,000 yuan. The quota of Platinum Card is generally a fixed amount of 50,000 yuan plus the temporary quota that actively adjusts the cardholder every month.
    Is when the investment credit card is initially reviewed, the amount is comprehensively evaluated based on the information attached by the applicant at the time of application. The specific quota is based on the review results of the banking system.
    1. CHINA MERCHANTS Bank was founded in Shekou, Shenzhen in 1987. It is the first joint -stock commercial bank in China that is fully held by corporate legal persons. bank.
    2. Since the first finalization of the Fortune World 500 in 2012, it has been shortlisted for 7 consecutive years. In 2018, the Fortune 500 of the Fortune World ranks 213. On June 26, 2019, the first batch of 8 banks including China Merchants Bank went online to operate an enterprise information networking verification system. In July 2019, the 2019 Fortune Fortune 500 ranked 188th. _ In November 2019, the "Belt and Road" Chinese enterprise 100 list ranked 85th. In December 2019, China Merchants Bank was selected as 100 brands of the 2019 China Brand Gexona Ceremony. On December 18, 2019, the 100 list of the "China Brand Development Index" of the People's Daily ranked 31st. On January 13, 2020, he was selected as the winning list of 2020 Hurun to Shang Youpin. In March 2020, he was selected as 74th in the global brand value in 2020. In May 2021, the 22nd bit
    3, product service
    debit card: divided into one card and gold sunflower card card, which are divided into one card and gold sunflower. Multi -currency, multi -functional integration.
    Credit cards: Credit cards in the form of chip magnetic strips have all functions of credit cards such as overdraft and points.
    Goldflower wealth management: The comprehensive financial service system provided by personal high -end customers covers liabilities, assets, intermediate business and financial consultants.
    Im prompts: China Merchants Xinnuo Asset Management will be approved to be established to become the fourth foreign insurance asset management company.

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